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@Dara.Amarie Sorry but can i get really fast help

“Cry…” {
@TRUST +1 {
}“Yell in Spanish!”{
@HATE +1

This won’t work

@Dara.Amarie I’m super confused.

@overlay GRAND DINING TABLE 4 moves to layer 2
@LITTLE PAIGE stands screen center in zone 1 AND LITTLE PAIGE is talk_sit_doubtful
@BERTHA stands screen center in zone 1 AND BERTHA moves to layer 3 AND LITTLE PAIGE moves to layer 1

So when I tried out INT. GRAND DINING TABLE 4 - DAY
the character went behind the table, good, I wanted that
But then I wanted to have another character not sitting in the seats, but instead on a separate layer, so she is in front of character little paige how would I do that?

I tried making it an overlay but it said it didn’t exist

@Dara.Amarie I need help with a funeral scene. I don’t know where to start. What do I do?

Delete the empty line that’s right after the word choice. The first choice options needs to be on the same line as the word “choice” or on the very next line:

"Walk with friends to school" {

Also, SADA needs to be in all caps here:

If you’re using an overlay that’s attached to the background, you need to use the background’s exact entire name as the overlay name.

@overlay INT. GRAND DINING TABLE4 - DAY to layer 2

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If you need a script template:
1- Script Template WORKSHOP
2- Hey guys! I will make you a script template! (OPEN!)

Thanks! That makes more sense!


So this is a problem I’m having with my dressing game
This is the error

Here’s the script that led up to the error

What do I want to wear?

choice (DRESS1)
“Casual crown” {
@CHARACTER changes into CasualCrown

    CHARMAGNE (talk_excited_happy)

    CHARMAGNE (talk_agree_happy)
Mom would approve.

} “Rebellious royal” {
@CHARACTER changes into Rebellingroyal

    CHARMAGNE (talk_excited_happy)

    CHARMAGNE (talk_primp_neutral)
I'm totally rocking this crop top!

} “Pretty princess” {
@CHARACTER changes into Perfectprincess

    CHARMAGNE (talk_excited_happy)

    CHARMAGNE (talk_armsraised_neutral)
The paparazzi would love to see me in this

Do I want to wear this one?

"It's perfect!" {

if (DRESS1 is “Casual_Crown”) {

readerMessage You chose to impress your mother.
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

} elif (DRESS1 is “Rebellious royal”) {

readerMessage You chose to impress your friends.
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

} else (DRESS1 is “Pretty princess”) {

readerMessage You chose to impress the paparazzi.
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

} “No, I want to try on the others!” {
goto dressing_game_1

Could you tell me what I did to cause the error?

else needs to be by itself: } else {

Where exactly would I put that? Could you just edit the script where I need to put that in?

The else part. Delete everything next to it so that the else is by itself exactly how the bolded part is in my reply above.

You are my hero :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Something else went wrong
When you go to choose an outfit it shows this

Instead of having the 'No I want to try on others option at the end of the choice

You need to add the word choice to start the “it’s perfect” choice, and then you need a closing bracket to close off the “Pretty Princess” choice

I love you!!!

That wasn’t really what I meant, though. What I mean is if your character is, for example, going to a party, and needs to do something special with their hairstyle and lip color. When they’re done with choosing to choosing their outfit, hairstyle, and lip color, how do you make the hairstyle, and lip color come back to what the readers originally chose? If I just do it with a duplicate character, then the character won’t look the way the readers customized them. It’s pretty hard to explain, but I hope you understand what I mean…

In chapter 12 the readers are asked to customize an outfit, hair, lips… the characters don’t change their outfits again in this chapter. In chapter 13 we see them again, will their customization still be there or will the readers see them go back to their default look? In the previewer my characters go back to their default looks.

I know what you meant and the information I provided is the exact same concept of how to do what you want to do. When you create a duplicate character you use this code in your script: @DUPLICATE becomes CHARACTER
With that code, the duplicate will look exactly how the reader customized their character.

The web previewer does not carry over from previous episodes. But that’s just with the web previewer. Your characters will stay in whatever outfit they’re in and however the readers customized them throughout the rest of your story until you change the outfit to something else or change their appearance yourself.

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Okay, thank you. Do you need to do the if/elif/else command to remember every hairstyle and lip color you choose? I’m using your template by the way.