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Hi. I’ve seen in certain stories that the author makes the characters just freeze at the end of an animation, without making them do the WHOLE animation. How do I do this?

Create a duplicate character and place the duplicate character offscreen somewhere and make them play out the animation first. Then switch out the main character with the duplicate.

Thanks for the help I didn’t think of it!

hi how can i make the characters enters and exits in the sam time?
and when i put a backround just the begining appears how can i make all the background appears?

I don’t really understand what the error is with these commands. When I preview the scene, the background is just black, but the overlays and characters are visible? I haven’t misspelled the name of the background, I’ve checked a thousand times. Also, it doesn’t say any error, other than my background and overlays not being approved yet…

The script looks like this:


&zoom on 379 371 to 211% in 0

&cut to zone 2

&overlay LB ZONE 3 moves to layer 5

&overlay LB ZONE 3 opacity 0

&overlay 5209305180274688_LB ZONE 3 shifts to 0 0 in zone 2

&overlay 5209305180274688_LB ZONE 3 scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 2

&overlay 5209305180274688_BED PNG 2 shifts to -139 44 in zone 2

&overlay 5209305180274688_BED PNG 2 scales to 1.012 1.012 in zone 2

&overlay BED PNG 2 moves to layer 5

&VIOLET spot 0.779 109 256 AND VIOLET faces left AND VIOLET is deepbreath AND VIOLET moves to layer 4

@pause for a beat

@overlay LB ZONE 3 opacity 0.5 in 2

I am trying to make the main character text her bff about what she just saw her mum do. I’m struggling with it and thought you might be able to help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you getting any errors, or what isn’t working for you?

Have you tried refreshing the page if you’re using the web preivewer, or restarting the app if you’re using the app?

Yeah, I tried restarting my computer, too, but that didn’t help.

Try cutting to zone 1 and zoom reset first just to see if the background is there. It could be that your background is only 1 zone but you cut to zone 2.

The background is 1920 pixels wide, and 1136 pixels tall, which would mean it’s 3 zones. I’ve used this background in the three different zones, many times without this error ever happening.

No it’s I’m not getting it, do I need to make my own text background how to make the text show stuff like that

Hi there!
I’ve been having trouble with the shifting with overlays when rotating. When I do, it shifts all around the scene.
Here is the examples;
I want it to rotate / shift from here

to here

without moving all around the scene.

how can make my characters walks back like someone is regulates here to back?

Ok in this scenario my character hears ghost noises and it zooms on the window and she sees this in the window

So how do I make it look like it fades in the door window like a mirror reflection

Do you still do personalized CC templates? Cause I tried myself and let’s just say it didn’t end well.

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Oh wait nvrmind found it sorry for bothering you

Ok so if you can see, there is a girl wearing a pink shirt that I want to walk behind the overlay. Here is my script…

And if you could maybe help me fix the Warning.

Try it without the in zone 2 part.

Thanks, that helped fix the warning. :blush:
Now I just need to get the character behind the overlay.

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