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Hi!! I am a little confused on your family customization code. So I allowed the readers to customize their own character and name them. So I want to duplicate it to where when their dad shows up in the story, he’ll have the same hair color and skin color. But I can’t figure out what I need to do.

Can anyone help me code a scene where the elevator door open then a person comes in and then it closes? I’m not sure how to make an overlay actually move…

If possible, write me a sample of a simple script of a scene like that.
(Am willing to give credit for your help)

INT. ELEVATOR 2 - DAY with THUMBS_ELEVATOR_FRONT at layer 11 in zone 2 with THUMBS_ELEVATOR_BACK at layer 10 in zone 2

@cut to zone 2

@overlay 4871403607949312_THUMBS_ELEVATOR_BACK shifts to -306 -7 in zone 2

@overlay 4871403607949312_THUMBS_ELEVATOR_BACK scales to 7.948 7.948 in zone 2

@overlay 4871403607949312_THUMBS_ELEVATOR_FRONT shifts to -9 -14 in zone 2

@overlay 4871403607949312_THUMBS_ELEVATOR_FRONT scales to 7.264 7.264 in zone 2

@APRIL moves to layer 12

@APRIL spot 1.325 -60 41 in zone 2 and APRIL faces right

@overlay 4871403607949312_THUMBS_ELEVATOR_FRONT shifts to -120 -9 in 4 in zone 2

@overlay 4871403607949312_THUMBS_ELEVATOR_FRONT scales to 7.264 7.264 in 4 in zone 2

@APRIL walks to spot 1.325 430 7

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@Unique_911 I’m sure everybody is appreciating your help. But like Dara has said multiple times before this is Her thread. So you shouldn’t be helping others on this thread. But if you want to make your own thread feel free. I’m sorry if I sound rude I just now from past experience that Dara prefers that she answers the question asked.


Hi! :blush:

So I was writing my story and all of a sudden I had a script error, I wrote

if (art) {


I had things inside though, but it says “There is a { on line # that does not have a matching }”

Even though it does, and I don’t know why and I don’t know how to fix it.

Nevermind! Problem solved, sorry. :slight_smile:

Try testing the scene with just the background and a zoom reset. See if you can see the background with out the overlays and overlay animations first. Then one by one add in the other commands to see if it could be the overlay or a different command that’s making the background black. If the background is still appearing as black, then you should try to submit a ticket.

You can use the simple phone background (INT. CELLPHONE - DAY) and use the NARRATOR dialogue boxes with the character name:

Or you can use overlays for each text message like this. Here’s how to use overlays: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Or you can set the format to phonetext (it can be glitchy maybe since it hasn’t been officially released): Check it out here

Do you have a video of what it looks like when it shifts?

What do you need help with exactly? Please be very specific. Are you getting any errors, or what isn’t working for you?

Sorry I don’t really understand you?

The door would need to be made into an overlay and the windows need to be transparent or cut out. Then the door overlay needs to be at a higher layer than the demon overlay. The demon will need it’s opacity set to 0 from the start, then change the opacity to 1 in however many seconds.

@TONNY moves to layer 2 in zone 2
@TONNY spot 0.686 262 324 in zone 2 at layer 2

If you want her to be behind the overlay, then the overlay needs to be at a higher layer than the character.

Yes I do. I’ll send dm you on Instagram and show you.

If you read the guide, it tells you that if you have opposite gendered family members, you will need to add them to the customization template. Then it says to scroll down to see how to do that.

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So you’re saying I should have them customize the dad right in the beginning of the story? I’m sorry for being such a trouble!

No you need to add the dad to your main character’s customization template so that he can get customized at the same time your character gets customized. Look at the guide I sent you to see how that’s done.

So would I add them into the top or bottom of the MC customization template? Would I add them changing into the MC’s features during the customization or directly after that?

You will add him into the customization and he will change his features at the same time your MC changes. Please look at the example in the guide.

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