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OK, I feel like this is a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find the answer to it.

I know where to go to enter the main story synopsis - the one that appears when you click on a story and see the artwork. It’s the 4-5 lines that tell you the highlights of what the story as a whole is about.

However, a lot of stories have it where every chapter above 1 has a chapter synopsis of what happens or the questions being answered in that chapter. Where do I go to enter a chapter synopsis? Or can I code it somehow?

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NVM - I found it!

I’m making the character walk during the cry animation.

You’re pausing for 2.1 seconds right after she walks. That’s why she is going idle. A character will be idle when they are finished walking. Get rid of that pause.

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hi dara i was wondering if you could possible give me a script template for having all the characters fade in and out of the screen as my stories intor i would really appreciate it

Is anyone else’s layering not working? I keep putting my characters at a higher layer but it’s not working. I want @TALLY to slap @NIKKIE but Tally’s slap is behind Nikkie… am I doing something wrong?


What is the difference between & and starts?

I don’t make scene templates, but all you need to do is place all the characters at the beginning of the scene using the & sign and have them before the transition command.

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Line 1359 should be right after line 1363 or on the same line as 1364

Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For

Thank you!!


how do you change a characters opacity?

hello Dara, I was wondering what would CHARACTER<1 mean in the if elif else method?

Hi Dara, I have a bit of a problem. When the reader chooses the dress Casually crowning, they should get a message that pops up saying ‘You decided to impress your mother’. Instead, this pops up

Just wondering if you could help me find out how to make it display the right message.

Here’s the coding

@CHARMAGNE spot 1.280 147 8
CHARMAGNE (think_rubchin)
(What do I want to wear?)

choice (DRESS1)
“Casual crown” {
@CHARMAGNE changes into CasualCrown

@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

    CHARMAGNE (talk_excited_happy)

    CHARMAGNE (talk_agree_happy)
Mom would approve.

} “Rebellious royal” {
@CHARMAGNE changes into Rebellingroyal

@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

    CHARMAGNE (talk_excited_happy)

    CHARMAGNE (talk_primp_neutral)
I'm totally rocking this crop top!

    CHARMAGNE (talk_think_neutral)
And Sydney would love that I took her advice.

} “Pretty princess” {
@CHARMAGNE changes into Perfectprincess
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

    CHARMAGNE (talk_excited_happy)
    CHARMAGNE (talk_armsraised_neutral)
The paparazzi would love to see me in this.


Do I want to wear this one?

“It’s perfect!” {

if (DRESS1 is “Casual_Crown”) {

readerMessage You chose to impress your mother.
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

} elif (DRESS1 is “Rebellious royal”) {

readerMessage You chose to impress your friends.
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

} else {

readerMessage You chose to impress the paparazzi.
@CHARMAGNE is primp_neutral

} “No, I want to try on the others!” {
goto dressing_game_1

    CHARMAGNE (breathe_deep)

    CHARMAGNE (think_rubchin)
(I should probably say goodbye to mom before I leave)

The option name in the if statement needs to match exactly like the option name in the choice.

hi dara would you be able to tell me how to change a characters opacity

It’s not possible to change a character’s opacity.

How to "FADE" Characters

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