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hey sorry to be a pain but how do you make the screen shake?

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Hey Dara, I had a random question. Is there benefits to naming a choice?

You can reference that choice in dialogue.

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Ok I’m having remember choices problem

So here is what I have first



That’s what I have for other remember choices


And it ends up not showing but the other remember choices do show up except for one which is chose_Secert

So what am I doing wrong??

The gain needs to go before goto

Did that Didn’t work is the elif maybe??

The last elif needs to be else by itself. But you need to move the gain on line 1166 to line 1163, because you won’t be able to gain that flag since the goto is before which it skips the gain.

How do I do the else rather than elif??

Is like this

} Else (chose_sexy){

@JADE changes into dress


} else {

Thank you

There’s been this promblem with the text effects whenever i use it the text stays the same color im not sure if its only on the web previewer but i should also say there isn’t any error whenever i put in the code

The web previewer is being weird with text effects recently. Test your story using the app for text effects.

Ok i let you know if it works or not


But do I still add the chose_sexy or where do I put that

No, you just need } else {

I’m still not getting it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bc do I still put @JADE changes into dress under else or besides it??

Under it just like the ones underneath the elif’s.

if (blah1) {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1
} elif (blah2) {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit2
} elif (blah3) {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit3
} else {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit4