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I did that but it still doesn’t help. :no_mouth:


What layer is your overlay at and how did you layer it?


I have it so when Nikkie enters the screen, she’s above the overlay. But when she goes into the house, I want her to walk behind the overlay.


Okay! So I did everything the template said. I added him into the customization features that I wanted him to have the same as the daughter, (skin color, eye color) and then this is what it looks like beneath the customization template. But when he comes to the scene he looks like her exactly (like a girl lol)? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Here’s what the beginning of my script looks like and then where I added the same features so they have a resemblance.


Like it says in the guide, do not use @CHARACTER becomes CHARACTER with opposite genders. That command is only used for same gendered characters.


Then you need to change her to layer 4 after she goes into the house.


I have with me an uploaded background that is supposed to loop. Do I need any special commands to make it work?


Me too ughh im looking for it in limelight


Is it your own background that you uploaded yourself? If so, you cannot manually loop a background. You’d have to upload it as an overlay and loop the overlay.






Yes, I’ll upload it as an overlay then. But what is the code that I need to use to loop an overlay?



hi i was wondering if you could tell me how to have a character speak while they exit the scene


I’ve submitted a ticket now, since the background was still black. How do you know when they’re answered, or what happens after you do it?


They will reply back to you in an email.


Make them exit while they have dialogue by using the & sign

&CHARACTER exits left/right

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Thank you.



I originally posted about something else, but I since figured it out. However, I need help with this now:

Basically I have a button overlay and then an overlay of the button pressed down. My button overlay is working however, when I go to change it to the down pressed button the new overlay doesn’t show?

label father_hit_button_1
@pan to zone 1
&zoom on 320 314 to 192% in 2
What do you want to do?
choice “Press This Button”{

    PRESIDENT GREEN (think_rubchin)
(Here we go...)

&PRESIDENT GREEN is pickup_paper_neutral
@pause for a beat
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED create
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED shifts to 273 274 in zone 1
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED scales to 0.356 0.356
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED moves to layer -2
sound alarm_loud
PRESIDENT GREEN (talk_confused_mindblown)
Sorry love, that’s the security alarm!

PRESIDENT GREEN (talk_afraid)
Let’s try another button shall we?

choice “Retry Another Button.” {
sound off
PRESIDENT GREEN (talk_shrug_concerned)
Let’s turn that one off.

goto father_hit_the_button