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You have “ELIZABETH sits screen left” so that disregards the spot you placed your character at. Remove that command because you do not need it if your character is already doing a sit animation

Yes but how do I create a thread?

Hi. I need some help with a name input thing. So, my story uses the name input where the reader can type it in. I want the name that they chose to be visible in the narrator box (where the character name can be shown) if that makes sense… but it seems wrong and won’t let me. I tried “NARRATOR ([NAME])” but it didn’t work… how do I do this? Is it possible?

You must always use the script name in the script. “NAME” should be the display name of your character.

It is the display and the script name of the character. How do I code this properly?

Remove the straight brackets around the name. Straight brackets are only used in dialogue.


Oh okay… and it’ll show the name the reader chose?

Thanks so much for your help and quick responses. You’re honestly a life saver :slight_smile:

How to make Ink characters hug? I forgot the coding :frowning:

Sorry, yes exactly, like she is walking towards her bed which is rear of the camera view

💋 HOW TO: Hug and Kiss (Ink & LL)

You would need to use spot direction and the walk_rear animation

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER does it while [rear walking animation]

Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

Thanks, I eventually worked out how to do it. However now I have come across another problem.

I want my characters to sit at the dining room table together, I kinda get the spot directing however my character doesn’t seem to be align with the table so it doesn’t look natural.

Your help again will be appreciated!!

Can you explain this a bit more please?

sorry again. I’m not sure if its a sitting position or the angle of the table but the placement of her body does not look natural, do i need to add an overlay so it looks like she is sitting at a table without there being any body parts out of place

Can you post a photo of what it looks like?

For that background, you’d have to create your own overlays

Thanks, I might look for another background that has the chairs facing front on, might be easy to scale to size

this is the overlay, I am trying to scale it to size to fit close to the original table plus I need it to go on an angle

That overlay wouldn’t work with the background you want to use. With the way the chairs and table are placed and the angles their at, it would be near impossible to try and get that overlay to a spot where it looks decent or natural.