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&KATIE walks to screen center in zone 3 in 10 AND KATIE does it while walk_neutral_offset_loop AND ABBIE walks to spot 0.57 x y in T in zone 3 in 10 AND ABBIE does it while sleep_sit_neutral_loop AND KYRA walks to screen center in zone 3 in 10 AND KYRA does it while walk_neutral_offset_loop

This now comes up as an error :confused:
I’m sorry I’m not understanding the forum examples :confused: Can you write how it should be for me please?!

Quoted from the link I provided:

Plug in the numbers with your own spot coordinates

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Hey I looked at some of your forums and it helped but im stuck somewhere. I gave the players the option to create their own name, but when I try to write dialogue for that character im not quite sure on how to go about with that…

I did read this, but it’s like a diff language to me, I just don’t understand it sorry :frowning:
Please can you just help me with that one sentence?! :slight_smile:
I will of course give you a mention at the end of the chapter

You have to plug in the numbers with your own numbers

@CHARACTER walks to spot S X Y in zone # in T

  • change “CHARACTER” to ABBIE
  • change S to the scale size you want which is “0.57”
  • change X Y to the spot coordinates. You have to figure this out because I don’t know where you want your character to walk to.
  • change # to the zone number which is “3” for you
  • change T to the amount of seconds you want your character to walk which is “10”

ABBIE walks to spot 0.57 X Y in zone 3 in 10

You would just continue to use the character’s script name for dialogue. If you want someone to say the name when they talk, just wrap straight brackets around NAME, like this: [NAME]

My name is [NAME].

I’m just not sure how to stop this from saying Main CHaracter instead of their name?21%20PM

@transition iris in black
@ABBIE changes into ABBIE_beach
@KATIE changes into KATIE_beach
@KYRA changes into KYRA_beach
@cut to zone 1
@ABBIE spot 0.570 77 239 AND ABBIE is idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop
@KYRA spot 0.795 249 242 AND KATIE spot 0.795 195 245
@zoom on 306 0 to 186% in 5
@KATIE is talk_kneel_neutral_loop
ABBIE (idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop)
I’m not tired, I’m just resting my eyes…
@ABBIE is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop
@KATIE is pet_kneel_happy_loop
@KATIE is transition_squat_to_stand_neutral
@KATIE faces right AND KATIE is idle_box_carry_neutral_loop
@ABBIE spot 0.570 198 352 AND ABBIE is sleep_sit_neutral_loop
&zoom on 306 0 to 129% in 4
@ABBIE moves to layer 0
@KATIE moves to layer 2
&zoom on 286 307 to 192% in 4
KYRA (talk_handsopen_happy_loop)
Let’s get Abbie back, I hope Mum is back soon.
&KATIE walks to screen center in zone 3 in 10 AND KATIE does it while walk_neutral_offset_loop AND ABBIE walks to screen center in zone 3 in 10 AND ABBIE does it while sleep_sit_neutral_loop AND KYRA walks to screen center in zone 3 in 10 AND KYRA does it while walk_neutral_offset_loop
@pan to zone 3 in 5
@transition fade out black

This is what I’ve got so far, I’ve tried doing specific but it’s just not happening :frowning: :’(
I wish my brain would compute how to do this :confused: I have read how to do it, but I just can’t get it to happen for me, so gone back to this as at least it doesn’t come up with an error anymore

But thank you for your time and trying to help me, it was much appreciated :slight_smile:

hi dara would you be able to help me find the female ink version if dodge_rear i can’t find it

dodge_rear is only available for male characters. There isn’t a female version of it.

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ok thanks

Thank you so much! :blush:

Say you want to have a character share a 5-line limerick. Is it possible to code in soft line returns so that each phrase of the limerick appears on a single line with all 5 phrases visible at the same time?

hi, so why when I do
@CHARACTER walks to spot xxxxxx AND CHARACTER is walk_casual THEN CHARACTER is idle_happy
Why does it takes times to start the idle_happy animation.
Like when the character goes to that spot there is a pause then he do the animation…
How can I fix it ?

Hey there,

I am having a problem with the layering and motion with my story.

I want the character to move in swim_rear motion from zone 1 to zone 2. The current coding in the script is like this :

&SIYA THAKUR spot 0.930 172 317 in zone 1 THEN SIYA THAKUR faces left AND SIYA THAKUR starts swim_rear

Here SIYA THAKUR is the character that I want to be in moving motion while she swims from Zone 1 to zone 2 in the scene. But somehow, the motion is in static loop that is it is in motion but in a fixed place.

I want the Character CHETAN DIXIT move to a layer behind SIYA THAKUR but somehow it is not working.

Could anybody please help me with proper scripting for the above problems. I would be happy.


This is what I’ve got when trying to do a couple kissing
Where am I going wrong guys ? lol

Ok @Dara.Amarie I’m having trouble with this scene and have these weird error messages

And my shadow beast overlay won’t show up period but my cafe mirror shows up fine so what am I doing wrong?


@overlay CAFE_MIRROR shifts to 264 238
@overlay CAFE_MIRROR scales to 0.310 0.310

@transition iris in black 3

@JADE enters from left to screen center AND CJ enters from left to screen left

@JADE faces left

    JADE (talk_awkward)
Babe this place is closed and I thought you were making dinner

    CJ (talk_reassure)
You know my cousin Ron?

    JADE (talk_think)
The rich ceo one?

    CJ (talk_reassure)
Yep, anyway I call him and told him if I can borrow his restaurant for the night

@JADE is idle_jawdrop

    JADE (talk_awkward)
Your cousin owns this place

    CJ (talk_excited)
Yep and their is a hot cook meal inside for us that I have cooked up for you.

@JADE is flirt_shy

@JADE walks to spot 1.280 111 -1

@JADE is rear AND JADE faces right

@JADE is kiss_playful_rear

    JADE (kiss_playful_rear)
Thank you so much babe I love you so much.

    CJ (kiss_playful)
Your welcome beautiful and I love you so much.

    CJ (talk_happy_smile)
And I think I forgot the keys to the place in the car so wait here and I will be right back

    JADE (kiss_playful_rear)
Ok babe.

@CJ exits left in 2

@JADE faces right

    JADE (idle_happy)
(I can't believe my baby did this for me)

    JADE (flirt_shy)
(He is so sweet)

sound creepy_ghoul_sounds

@JADE is startled_surprised

    JADE (talk_repulsed)
(What is that noise?)

@JADE faces left AND JADE is idle_rear

@zoom on 320 254 to 306% in 4

@overlay SHADOW_BEAST2 moves to layer 3
@overlay SHADOW_BEAST2 shifts to 217 145
@overlay SHADOW_BEAST2 scales to 0.435 0.435

What error are you getting