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Ok thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Dara! I’ve been noticing that some writers have a choice without a speech bubble, and although when you try that in the portal, it gives an error, it was still possible for some writers. Do you know how I can achieve that too? Thanks. :slight_smile:


All you have to do is to reset the speechbubble to 0% so that it won’t be visible to readerhe choice is still there and it won’t give you an error! Like this:

@speechbubble reset
@speechbubble is x y to 0%

For more informations on speechbubble placements, check out this thread below!


Thank you so much @Dara.Amarie !


Hey, can you please tell how to get a banner at the top of the screen at a specific scene?


Oh my! I never realized that there was & instead of @. :woman_facepalming:t2:
Thank you so much for the explanation! :rose:


The banner is called readerMessage. You can create one by writing this code

 readerMessage ...

means whatever you want it to include! But don’t put long sentences in it! It can only last 5 seconds.

For more informations, check out these threads:


Thank you so much, it really helped me @AndreaH


how can we make our character walk in same spot position??, whenever the animation starts the spot position of character automatically changes.


You mean to just walk in place without moving to a different spot? You would just need to make your character do a walking animation.


Another reminder:

Please keep in mind that this is my help thread and I run this thread on my own. Thank you.


The dripping mascara I’m pretty sure is behind @Nikkie, can I get some help? It’s not showing over her. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. :neutral_face:



I need help, this is your template so you should know I think.



The layer command needs to be after the create command. It can’t go before it because it hasn’t been created yet.


hi dara i was wondering if you could help me with making characters run super fast on screen i always get stuck on that and im making a vampire story


@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time] and CHARACTER does it while [run_animation]

For super fast, the time should be less than 1 second, like 0.5 or 0.7 or whatever you want.


for some reason the custom overlay isn’t showing up


Have you tried fixing the error on line 231, saving, then refreshing web previewer?