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Hey, @Dara.Amarie I’m having trouble with my script.
@YOUNG AZALYN spot 0.592 14 484 in zone 2
@YOUNG AZALYN is talk_neutral_lay_exhausted
@pan to zone 2
@zoom on 540 339 to 356% in 5
AZALYN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
What is happening?
AZALYN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
AZALYN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
My talking animations aren’t working.
Please help.

I am using a TV SCREEN overlay and I was wondering how do I project something like a news reporter on the screen.

Can you give me the code for it ?

I have an issue where i want my character to come on but after she talks, it’s a message from the narrator and it’s not working… i’ll put up a pic right away so you can see!

Hi Dara. Im using the points system but it’s really confusing me.

So I have 3 timed choices and for every choice that u click on that’s wrong u get a mess up point by +1. I was trying to use the if elif thing where if the char has 2 mess up points or more, they get knocked out but if they don’t they hide from danger.

but i’m not sure how to do this. i tried placing this code just before the 3rd choice, but i got confused as to what happens if the reader has 2 mess up points but they hide and if a reader has none but they don’t hide.

please help

Hi Dara! I need some help with my if/elif/else. How do I use them if I had 6 options! Please help me!

You used NARRATOR 2 times, you just need to put all of the narrator’s dialog into one place.

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thanks for helping me, i’ll help you.

if (first option) {
elif (second option) {
elif (third) {
elif (fourth){
elif (fifth) {
else (last) {
if this doesn’t work (which i don’t know why it wouldn’t), just do if for all of them instead for elif and else.

I’ve got a question about overlay rotation.
So I know how to rotate overlay in place, but it rotates to the right. Is there a way to make it rotate to the left?

I think you have to go negative.

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I’ll try :slight_smile: Thanks

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Worked :slight_smile:
Jeez, so obvious. I feel dumb :smiley:

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Don’t worry about it :smiley:
To be honest, I feel bad I answered in her place
Sometimes you just can;t think through. I’m glad you found out!

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Don’t feel bad lol :smiley:
Girl has a lot of requests, so I think you’re making it a bit easier :slight_smile:

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i’ve already read that


You have to add the zone number everytime you use the overlay shifts commands:


If animations aren’t working, try refreshing the page or restarting the app


You’d have to use layers and place the character at a lower layer than the overlay so they will be behind it.

1- HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
2- A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS


The error message you are getting is because you cannot have a dialogue that is all CAPS. You need to have a period or exclamation point (or any other ending puncuation), otherwise the script thinks the dialogue in all caps is a character name.


Can you show me what you have in your script?


Always make sure that else is always by itself

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Another reminder again:

Please keep in mind that this is my help thread and I run this thread on my own. Thank you.

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i originally had my character cry, then some footstep sounds appear then she’s terrified, and then someone from behind knocks her out. but, this was when I had the choice just after the 2nd choice of options/before the 3rd options. so if the reader has 2 MESS UP points, they will be knocked out. If they don’t, they continue the story. But I got confused as to how this would work if the reader choice the correct option for the 3rd set of choices

Thanks so much! :blush:

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Thanks!!! :grin: