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You’re gonna have to tell your readers to click on all the options again

But if they don’t?

Then the twin most likely won’t look like the MC.

Oh Okay. So is there anything else we can do to make sure they click on all options? Like I could just have them customize the twin but the was supposed to be a surprise. :sweat_smile:

You can try changing all of MC’s features in the portal and click on save (just like what you accidentally did with the twin) and so doing this will completely change how everyone customized the MC and will make them want to click through all the options in the template to re-customize how they originally had her.

If not, you’ll just have to explain to your readers that they MUST click on all options.


Hello! I have an overlay and I use the shift command but instead it just pops up even though I put a time on it.

INT. SIMPLE LIVING ROOM - DAY with MIRROR to 73 230 0.298
@ALLY spot 0.996 143 156
@ALLY faces right
ALLY (callout_neutral)
Love you!
@overlay 6507150930083840_MIRROR shifts to 172 50 in 3
@overlay 6507150930083840_MIRROR scales to 0.298 0.298

Even though I put a time on it, it still just pops up without moving. Any advice?

The scale size goes before the x and y coordinates, not after.

It should be: with MIRROR to 0.298 73 230

oh thx

I’m trying to get my character to lay with her head to the right and her feet on the left. Is there a way to do this? Most the time the default is laying with the head to the left and feet to the right.

You have to make them face either left or right: @CHARACTER faces left or @CHARACTER faces right

Oh, my goodness thank you! I’ve been trying to figure that out for 20 minutes, driving myself crazy!

sorry, i don’t know what i did, but i think i fixed the problemo. thanks for trying though!

else needs to be by itself. There shouldn’t be anything in parentheses next to it

} else {

Yes it should look like that. Did you add an end bracket to that?

It should look like this:

if (admit_hoe) {

} else {

} <------ do you have this bracket?

How do I make two characters bump into each other?
Thanks you!

You can have them walk in front different directions. Thave have one of them do a faint or fall animation while the other does a startled animation.

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Hey Dara!
How can I use a filter?

Here’s a good explanation:

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