Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Also remove that @ in front of the gains. There isn’t suppose to any @'s for gains.

Remove that last bracket at the end.

How do you zoom on a character smoothly? When I do it, it looks forced!

I’m not really understanding what you mean? Are you asking about character customization? Or are you asking how to just code a simple appearance change like, @CHARACTER changes hair into Hair?

How are you writing your zooms? And what do you mean by forced?

Yes to which question?

I asked you two questions, which one are you saying “yes” to?

Click on the link in my profile. There are hair and lip templates there.

@overlay Grey opacity 0.5 in T
@cut to zone 3
@MICHAEL changes into Micheal

I have no idea how to make my overlay see through!

You need to add the overlay to the scene first, and the overlay name should be in all caps

Hi Dara! I’m having issues with overlays. My overlay is not wanting to show up correctly. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong when I try to fix it. Basically I’m trying to get the menus on the counter in the 3rd zone.

This is what I have going on in the portal when I view it:

This is the script:

This is what it looks like when I try to fix it in the portal:


This is the corrected script.:

However, now when my character gets to the spot where the menu is supposed to be on the counter (Please excuse her errant speech bubble. I haven’t gotten around to fixing that just yet because I’m trying to figure out why this overlay has a mind of its own.)…

If you could help me figure out what in the world is going on and how to fix it I would be so appreciative!


When you use the shift command, you need to specify what zone it’s in.

@overlay COUNTER DISPLAY MENU shifts to -4 214 in 0 in zone 3

Or an easier way to place your overlay is to add the coordinates and scale to the background name.

with COUNTER DISPLAY MENU to 1.0 -4 214 in zone 3 at layer 5

I facepalm at the simpleness of that fix. Thank you! My marbles have been saved!

You’re welcome :blush:

Hi! I was wondering how to change the outside border of the chat bubble? I wanted to make mine pink, but I couldn’t figure out if it’s possible.

Make a new story and title it Mean Girls. Once you hit “create” you can change the title to whatever you want. To get the purple color, title it Demi Lovato.

Thanks so much!

How would I wildly shake the camera?