Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

You would zoom in at random places in 0.1 seconds each.

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I did that but it didn’t work… :thinking:

How are you typing it?

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Like this:

 @zoom on 50 100 to 150% in 2
 @zoom on 50 150 to % in 2
 @zoom on 100 150 to % in 2

In needs to be in 0.1 seconds each

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Ohh okay lemme try that :wink:

It still didn’t work…

@zoom on -------- in 0.1
@zoom on -------- in 0.1
@zoom on -------- in 0.1
@zoom on -------- in 0.1

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I gave up XD

Thank you though! :heart:

Is it possible to make someone be on their side? Like you would only see their shoulder and arm but not the other side?

It’s only possible with the laying animations.

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So I can’t do it with a Character?

Yes, if the character is doing a laying animation. That’s the only way to get a character on its side.

Can you help me figure out how to write a description below my story???

What is the behavior in INK where the character raises its hand but isn’t smiling or anything, it’s very neutral and they just raise they’re hand/arm. (Sort of like talk_greet but no smiling.)

When I tried to make my character change into something, she becomes naked. Also, when another character appeared for the first time, she too is naked. What do I do?

Thanks! :grinning:


You click on More Options under your story’s title and you can add in your story description there.

Gains are flags that readers gain depending on what choices they make, and they’re used when you want to remember that choice through out the story. You can learn more about it HERE