Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

It’s most likely just a glitch. If you’re using the web previewer, try refreshing the page. Or if you’re using the app, restart the app.

Oh, okay Thank you !!

Whenever I try to make my characters kiss, this happens.

You need to layer your characters. The higher layer is in front of the lower layer. @CHARACTER moves to layer # or @CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # _at layer #

Also, the character doing the rear animation needs to be facing the opposite direction. If you want him to face left while being rear, he needs to be facing right.

I am trying out get my character to eat pizza and cupcakes and I get an error message?
Also my character is not showing up in my episode two! Help me please!

What does your script look like? And that’s just a glitch usually. Try restarting the app or refreshing the page if you’re using the web previewer.

I did that but still nothing and I get an error messages for eating pizza and cupcakes!

I need help, so if I do

@MADDIE Faces right

@MOM Faces right it says an error…

I just wanna know if this is correct.

What does your script look like?

“Faces” needs to be all lower case.

@CHARACTER faces left

Hello, Dara. How do I add a background music to this scene (the screenshot shown below)?

For example, if I want to add a music between the episode 1 and episode 2, is don’t “music off” the last music I used can let that music play on the scene between episode 1 and 2?

And if it’s, how to add a different music if I don’t want to use the last music I used in episode 1 as the background music of that scene?

Thank you!

This is the screen shot:

so, I have a question. When someone is on a bed, is there an easier way to place them as sleeping on the bed instead of having to preview to perfectly sit them on the bed.

I don’t understand what went wrong…

I’m trying to make a character walk to a different zone and spot then the zone and spot they’re in. This is what I wrote but it says warning. (For INK)

@cut to zone 3

@follow HEATHER spot 0.966 114 172 in zone 3 AND HEATHER faces right

Hello, how do I do limited customization for a male ink character?? I don’t want them to change the skin, hair or eye color

It looks like this!

The error is actually the with # FILTER: LUMINANCE part that you added to the background name. Just delete that part.

I haven’t tested this out myself, but I’m pretty sure you would just put the music at the very end of the previous episode

Unless you already know the exact spot coordinates, then no there isn’t an easier way. You have to test your story to move the character to where you want them exactly.

The follow command doesn’t work with spot direction. If you want to follow your character to a specific spot in a different zone, you’d have to pan to the zone at the same time they are walking.

&pan to zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone #