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Thank you so much!!

How do you de reader messgaes?

I’ve been trying to look on how to direct a phone conversation between two people on the CHARACTERs phone. Like this one! !

Is it available on ink? because I’m still using the old one which shows only the NARRATOR bubbles.

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My characters keep overlapping. Does anyone know how to fix it

How do you make characters move at the same time without it having to talk?

Hey Dara! I need some help here! (Animations and props wise)

I have a section where my character is reading, and I can’t get the book to show up (limelight)

   CITIZEN10 (talk_excited_happy)
Less talk, more changing!

    CITIZEN10 (talk_pointup_happy)
You've got a lot of preparation to do for your ceremony!

@CITIZEN10 is idle_book_open_neutral_loop

    CITIZEN10 (talk_excited_happy)
And starting with my favorite part, church!

@CITIZEN10 exits left

That’s the whole script section, but right now I’m a little confused on why it does not show up.

You’d probably have to make the overlay yourself or have someone else do it.

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readerMessage Your message here.

Those are all overlays. You can read through this whole thread to learn how to do this:

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You need to layer your characters. A character at a higher layer will be in front while a character at a lower layer number will be behind.

There are 2 ways to layer your characters:
@CHARACTER moves to layer #
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer number

@CHARACTER1 is animation AND CHARACTER2 is animation
&CHARACTER1 is animation
@CHARACTER2 is animation

You need to add the book prop to your character:


Okay! That makes sense, but how do I add and remove props, and what’s the book prop’s name?

Omg thank you!

@Dara.Amarie Thank you!

how do you get a character to face the back without it needing to talk?

Can someone help me out?
I’m trying to get a character to drink something and I don’t know how to make it look like the cup is moving with the character’s hand as they drink. If that makes sense…

When I’m spot directing how do I make my characters move without the dialogue and action that is intended for them to do AFTER they walk to a certain spot?
for example in my script my character walks while talk_flirt and it looks awkward but I don’t want to use the @ symbol because it also looks awkward because then my character has delayed reactions
&KRISTEN walks to spot 0.470 102 285 AND KRISTEN faces left
KRISTEN (talk_flirt)
I was wondering where you are…

Can you copy and paste your choice?

@CHARACTER is rear