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Its like a circle overlay and I tried what you said about adjusting the anchor point look

&overlay PURPLE CIRCLE rotates 360 anchor point 0.8 0.8 in 1
@overlay GREEN CIRCLE rotates 360 anchor point 0.8 0.8 in 1

I just don’t want the overlay to move but to rotate.

I’ve managed to do the texting overlays (reviewed it on pc) and I thought it was a success until I viewed it on my phone. What did i do wrong?

My coding goes something like this:


@overlay OVERLAYNAME scale
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shift


@overlay OVERLAYNAME scale
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shift

Its diff from what you said on a thread because I couldnt see the overlay I added.

Your overlay is probably not in the center of the png image you uploaded, just like the image above with the book. The gray and white squares are the transparent part of the image, so that whole photo above is the whole png image, not just the book. Maybe try editing the png image of your overlay and putting the overlay is the dead center of that png image.

You need to add “in 0” to your overlay commands (it means in 0 seconds) otherwise the overlays will shift in to place super fast making it look glitchy.

I did that a while ago :sweat: Can I pm you the code so you can see what’s wrong?

For sure!

I just sent you the message! :smile:

I have this scene where my character jumps out of a window, but it looks kind of weird because she falls, stands up, and then lays on the ground again.
Is there any way to have her just fall and land on the ground, without her standing first?
I can show you the script:


@HAILEY spot 0.221 91 514 AND HAILEY is rear AND HAILEY faces right

sound scream_female2

@HAILEY walks to spot 0.221 97 257 in 1 AND HAILEY is surf_crowd_loop AND HAILEY faces left

@HAILEY is idle_lay_exhausted

Change that “is” to a does it while

@/HAILEY walks to spot 0.221 97 257 in 1 AND HAILEY does it while surf_crowd_loop AND HAILEY faces left

Thank you very much!

Hi Dara!

I had another quick question. Is there a way to create a Overlay in a different zone? Because I’ve been trying to create an Overlay i want and trying to position it; i was just wondering if there was an easier way?

Like, I know you can do: BACKGROUND with Overlay at spot in zone 2, but can you create an Overlay in a different zone? That is what I’m asking if it makes any sense at all.

Thanks for the help!! :slight_smile:

Yep, just add the zone number to the shifts command:

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AHA! Thanks a bunch, saves me a bit of coding haha :smiley: I’ll try doing that.

How do you zoom up to character legs to their face and then get it back to normal?

Hi, your threads have helped alot so I was wondering if you knew or maybe if you already have addressed this but how do you change the walk type action if that makes sense

Thank you in advance!

Do you mean like walking while angry, sad, scared, etc?

@pan to zone 2

@add Moving Box to SAPPHIRE

@SAPPHIRE spot 0.506 193 320 in zone 2 at layer 0 AND SAPPHIRE faces left

@SAPPHIRE walks to spot 0.668 69 245 in zone 2 AND SAPPHIRE is walk_box_neutral_loop

@SAPPHIRE is idle_box_carry_neutral_loop AND SAPPHIRE faces right AND SAPPHIRE moves to layer 3

So what I want Sapphire to do is to walk to a spot carrying the box and then stop and stand there with the box in her arms, but after she finishes walking for a second she goes to idle, and it looks really awkward with the box by her side for a moment, before she goes into the idle_box_carry_neutral_loop. So how do I stop her from going to idle?

Change that “is” to does it while

@SAPPHIRE walks to spot 0.668 69 245 in zone 2 AND SAPPHIRE does it while walk_box_neutral_loop

Ah- Thanks so much!