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Hi Dara!

I want to use the background “INT. GUARD DESK OL - DAY” and have one character standing behind the desk and one character walking up to it in front of the desk. But somehow all the characters seem to be positioned behind the overlay. To which layer do I have to move the character who is going to stand in front of the desk?

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Try this-

&OVERLAY moves to layer -2

&CHARACTER1 (That stands in front of the desk) moves to layer -1

@CHARACTER2 (behind the overlay) moves to layer -3

Try this hope this works…

Hi, thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I doesn’t work since the overlay is integrated in the background and I can’t move it nor change the layer it’s in.

So just add the overlay want me to make it for you…

You need to use the background name as the overlay name and then layer it.


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Hey guys, I appreciate you helping people on my thread, but I want to be able to help out on my own help thread, since I am Dara and the thread says “Dara’s Official Help Thread”. Really not trying to be rude and if I am, sorry but feel free to make your own help threads.


Hi Dara, thank you so much for your help! It works perfectly now :blush:

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Without any dialogue or spot placements or directing, what is the format and outline for your if/elif/else and the choices inside?

Are you saying to just cut out the dialogue and directing send you the format of the coding of the choices and if/elif brackets?

Yes please

What is the name of this behaviour? :joy:



Will do now, Thanks!! Did you get my email re: the animated overlay?

You probably get this question a lot, but how can I remember character customization?

Here it is. I get confused when there are multiple branches, if and else bracket and choices all at the same time. I get them mixed up easily and don’t know how to fix them. I want to do more complex and meaningful choices but when I have this problem I don’t want to bother anymore because it is frustrating to have these errors.

if (go_home) {
} elif (stay_hotel) {
“Go to Central Park”{
if (stay_hotel) {
gain try_ring
} “Laura tells her story”{
gain tell_story
} else {


Thank you in advance.

Please let me know if you saw my email.

Remember it through the whole story like keep the character looking like how the reader chose? Or remember it like remember certain features so that if you change the hair, you can change it back to how the reader originally had it?

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I need to remember it throughout the whole story.

You don’t need to remember it. Once a reader customizes their character, that character will stay looking that like pretty much forever, until you change the appearnce yourself with a code.

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Ok. Thank you!

Yes, I received your email, I’ll get to that one later :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a bit confused with the way you formatted it. So the “Go to Central Park” choice is inside the elif (stay_hotel) branch, right? But then you start another if (stay_hotel) branch right after that. Is that gain suppose to be inside of a choice, or is it just a flag you gain add no matter what? Because with the format, it’s just a random flag you gain. Also, the } “Laura tells her story”{ isn’t a part of any choice and that’s what’s causing the error because it’s just randonly there. It doesn’t belong to that “Go to central park” choice because you already closed that off with an ending bracket. And lastly, that last } else { doesn’t seem to belong to anything else either since you closed the if (stay_hotel) with an ending bracket.

So the “Laura tells her story” doesn’t have a matching bracket, and neither does the else