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I don’t, but @episode.uwe on instagram has a bunch of INK limb overlays in her link tree.

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Thank you, you’re seriously a life saver!! I hate to bug you but I have one more quick question. How do you have scenes fade into each other as a transition?

Also overlays. The scene being transitioned into is background that was turned into an overlay. It’s opacity is set to 0 first, then when you want to transition the opacity is set to 1 in seconds.

Thank you so much!

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Is it possible to get in between 2 different zones? For example in the background
You aren’t able to get a person sitting in the chair and have other people in the scene talking to him/her

You can crop the image and upload it as your own background.
Or you’d have to use zooms, but it’s sort of irritating to use zooms to get in between zones because you’d have to play around with the x coordinate and have to constantly keep testing your story to see if it’s in the right place.
Zoom to 101% and the x coordinate (first number) will have to be set somewhere in the thousands.

@zoom on 5000 0 to 101% in 0

Just play around with the number.


Do you know how to make a background 640 by 1136 pixels? I need put this background in my story but it’s too small.

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You can go to any photo editing app or site. Here is one


could you tell me whats wrong?

The correct formatting for adding overlays to the background name looks like this:

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ugh another problem

If you’re wondering if I read your overlay page, I did, but I didn’t really understand anything.

% is just where the scale is suppose to be, you don’t actually need to write that symbol in. Also, you just need to enter the scale size in ONCE.

with DESK2 to 1.0 -438 2


Who else to ask if not Dara :heart:
I have a question about this new Flag & Counters button.
When I open it, I can see in Flags all listed gains and highlighted the one I’ve chosen.
In Character Points I see how much points each character has.

But is there anything else that those buttons do?

And what is supposed to be listed in Counters?

In Directing Helper - Overlay Helper there’s a new button Add/Remove Colorful Layer(s)
What are we supposed to do with that?

And thanks for all your help! :heart:

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I wrote this in my script:

60. choice
61. “Fair Gold” {
62. @MARY
63. changes bodyColor into Fair Gold
64. girl fem_lightskin1
65. } “Fair Neutral” {

And there is an error in line 61:
“There is a { on line 61 that does not have a matching }”

A “{” in line 61 has it’s matching in line 65, and I have many things like that written there but line 61 was the first line with an error… Can you help me please, because I can’t continue writing because of this error.

I copied script on https://linktr.ee/dara.amarie.ep
Limelight FEMALE Character Customization.

Please, help!

To be honest, these are all new to me too. I don’t really use those tools, but I think that’s pretty much all they do.

For the add/remove colorful layer(s), I think it’s a new tool that the episode team is still testing out. As of currently, it doesn’t really do anything.


MARY and changes into needs to be on the same line. I don’t know why you have them on separate lines, but every single one of those needs to be on just one line.

@MARY changes --- into ---
goto [label]
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Thanks :heart:

Hi Dara!
Sorry if this was a previous question, but If I’m already a few episodes into my story would I still be able to allow readers to choose the MC & love interest’s names?
If so how?
Thanks in advanced!! :slight_smile:

Of course! Just add this code to your script:

input What's your name? | What's your name? | Done (NAME)

More on how to use this code: A Guide to Typed-in Choices

NOTE: This code doesn’t show in the web previewer, you will need to test this out in using the app.

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