Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

I am trying to have Liam sit on the chair like where he is now and Maxine in one of the chair on the other side of the desk!

You are not writing the spot code correctly. I keep telling you it’s CHARACTER spot S X Y

You also cannot have a MAXINE sit in that chair because it is just 1 overlay. She will either be behind the overlay or in front of the overlay, not in between the overlay.

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how can I make her in front of the desk?


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I feel dumb but can you show me examples of each please?

Um, @Dara.Amarie, for some reason, I have a sound/music problem…

What are counters and flags? ive noticed that now they have a thing were its Flags and counters when i preview the story, do you have any idea with those are?

So I’m writing this scene and it wont do one of the commands,

The sentence circled in red isn’t working but everything else does

Those are examples. Just change the “#” to a number.

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Can you post what your issue is?

You can read about those in this update here: Portal 10.80 UGC Update Coming Soon (Exciting!): Web Previewer Tracking

On the app, when I preview my second episode, the music music_tensebeat is playing, even though I checked the script many times, and I didn’t place the code in there.

I’ve been dealing with this issue also. For some odd reason, the script won’t let characters change their spot right after walking to a spot. What I do to fix the problem is to remove the character right after they walk. So try doing:

@/SARAH walks to spot -1.069 153 120 in 3 and SARAH does it while surf_crowd_loop THEN remove SARAH
@/SARAH spot 1.277 283 100 and SARAH is idle_fallen

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This just happens when you’re playing through an episode/scene that has that music playing, then skip to a different episode/scene without playing through the part that has the “music off” code. This doesn’t affect your actual story when players read it, it’s just an annoying thing when you test your own story. What I do is just put “music off” at the beginning of every episode.

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Oh. That makes a lot of sense. What I meant to do was place it at the beginning as a theme, like to a show, or movie. But that ended up happening instead.

Thanks so much! It worked :heart::heart::heart:

I see some stories with a bullet moving or they make the scene explode or they make a tear fall down the characters face and i was wondering how they do that because i would like to add animations like that to my story. I would really appreciate any tip to do all three

Those are overlays (png/transparent images) that people animate. A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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How do I teleport characters in my story. I tried and they just shift across the screen

When the readers input a character’s name how would you put it on top of the speech bubble, instead of naming it “YOU”.