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Make the text white using a text effect

| color:white | …

Thank you! :grinning:

Hey!I have 2 questions: 1.I saw in some stories pink and purple(or transparent idk how to call it) speech bubbles and episode gives you only blue.so, my question is how to change it to purple?Hope it makes sense.
2.I have a small problem with coffee cup (it doesn’t appear):
@MOM stands screen center
@add Coffee Cup to MOM
@MOM starts drink
There is no coffee cup and it looks weird.I’m so confused with this thing.
Thank you in advance.

Hey, I have seen the answer to this question before, but I forgot the answer xD…Do you know how to make a speech bubble become a thinking bubble? I feel a bit dim asking this because I already know the answer but I have gotten so used to advanced directing I forgot the basics :smile:

Put parentheses around the dialogue.


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Aha, thanks so much ^^

To get he pink speechbubbles, you’d have to create new story and title it Mean Girls. For the purple bubbles, title it Demi Lovato. Once you hit the create button, you can change the title to whatever you want.

Test your your story using the app. The coffee cup prop should appear there.


How can I remember a Choice, for example, Clothes (What the readers chose for the Character to wear)? How can I remember their choice in the script in order for the clothes they chose stays in the next episode without me having to ask them to re-choose the outfit? and that also includes hair, clothes, and lipstick. Also, If I ask the readers to only change the eye shape, face shape, nose shape, and hair shape, How can I keep what they chose throughout the whole story instead of having to ask them the same question in each and every episode?
Also, can you please give me an example so that i could understand it better? but i need an example for both, the outfit, and the look. (Also for the outfit, if for example I made the readers choose a party outfit, how can I change the Character’s clothes after the party?) and Thanks

Characters will stay in the same outfits pretty much forever until you change their outfit into something else. So if you have your character choose an outfit, they will stay in that outfit in the next episode and then on. But if you changed the character’s outfit to like pajamas or something and then want them to change back into what the reader chose, go here: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

The same thing applies to character customization. Characters will stay the same way the readers customized them forever, unless you yourself change the appearance.

If you’re going to change the appearance of the character (hair and makup) for like a flashback or something, and then want to change it back to what the readers originally customized the character, the only way to do this would be to create a duplicate character and change the appearance of that character.

To create a duplicate character, use this code: @DUPLICATE becomes CHARACTER

So if you want to change the hairstyle, change the DUPLICATE’s hairstyle and use the DUPLICATE character for the scene. Then when you want to go back to the hairstyle the reader chose, just switch back to the original character.

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Ohhh okay, I understood, and Thank you so much <3

I have another question tho, actually two, can i for example allow the readers to choose something, and within that choice, there is another choice, so like if I ask them to go to the park or movies, and once they choose, with in the “park” choice, there is another choice saying “are you sure?” And the same goes with the movies, and my other question is, for the clothes, can I just set a “remember choice?”

Like instead of using the gain and if/elif/else,
Can I just set a “remember choice”? And what do u prefer?

For a choice within a choice, just do exactly that: put the choice inside of another choice. Just make sure every starting bracket has a matching ending bracket.

There isn’t a “remember choice” code that your asking for. The only 2 ways to remember a choice are the 2 ways mentioned in the thread I gave a link to.

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Oh okay, and Thanks again, you’re the best :grin:

How do you let music play in your episode’s menu? Like, the menu right before you start the story and watch ads?

It’s not really a feature that you can add, but it’s more of a glitch that happens when people dont turn the music off at the end of the episode


Hey! I have a question. What does & do? I’ve seen many use it, but I’m not sure what it means or how I would use it.



Thank you! I’ve been so confused by this for a while. Plus, this will help me when I write.

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Hey! I’m completely new, and I started to write a story yesterday. I’m trying to get my character to do an action while talking as the narrator (I don’t want it in a speech bubble, because its a flashback) and the script looks like this: (I’ll put slashes before the @ signs, or it won’t send to you. ignore them)

So. I look like I’m happy and all, but I’m not…

@/pause for a beat

@/transition fade out black 3
sound ambient_thunderstorm_lp

@/YOU spot 0.548 192 288 AND cry_sob_sad_loop

That line above - You spot 0.548 192 288 AND cry_sob_sad_loop - is the line that won’t work. What do I need to put?

Also, I can’t seem to make the camera follow her without her staying small and I’m not sure how to make it pan with her staying in the same position.

Thank you so much! :smile: