Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

ah, okay! thank you! I’m also stuck on my script now - it says there’s ‘unexpected garbage’, but I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong?
here’s the script. again, ignore the slashes :slight_smile:

@/cut to zone 2

music music_upbeatpulse

&SOPHIA spot 0.696 70 289 AND SOPHIA is talk_gossip AND SOPHIA faces left
&ZOE spot 0.633 34 318 AND ZOE is laugh_giggle AND ZOE faces right
&AMELIA spot 0.633 108 318 AND AMELIA is laugh_giggle AND AMELIA faces left
&YOU spot 1.179 247 46 AND ELYSSA spot 1.175 170 52
&YOU is talk_agree_happy AND ELYSSA is talk_excited_happy
@/transition fade in black 5

Oh. This is my best friend, Elyssa. My only friend, really.
She’s the only person I can actually trust, who I feel happy around.
Thing is?.. I don’t love her as a friend. I just like her.

@/zoom on SOPHIA to 200% in 1.5

Ugh. And them.
The mean girls - every school has them…
That one on the left is Zoe.

@/zoom on ZOE to 350% in 1
@/ZOE is flirt_wink_atcamera

The one on the right is Amelia.
@/zoom on AMELIA to 350% in 1
@/AMELIA is eyeroll_subtle

Oh. And that one in the middle is Sophia.
@/zoom on SOPHIA to 350% in 1
@/SOPHIA is kiss_blow_happy AND faces right

She’s the worst.

@ zoom reset

do you have a script for eating 3 people, sitting on the table in the caffetaria from school?

I am writing a story called Sisterly Love and one of my characters are getting dressed for a date. They have given the readers a choice of hairstyles and clothes that the character should wear. I’m just wondering how do you make it so that the character has the hairstyle and clothing choice that the readers have chosen?

I’ve figured it out now sorry for wasting your time.

It’s kinda a stupid question, but why does it take forever for episode to preview a simple background I wanted to use for my story? I literally took 3 days, and it’s still not previewed, so I had to delay my episode, all I wanted to use was this picture here:

You’re just using the “characters” as a points system. They don’t need to look like the MC because you’re not actually going to be using those characters at all except just for accumulating points.

So if your character makes the “badass” choices, just use: @BADASS +1
or with “honorable” choices: @HONORABLE +1
or with “indifferent” choices: @INDIFFERENT +1

Then if you want to have a scene or something happen because your character has accumulated the most points with each “category”, you’d do something like this:


[this is where the scene with badass characteristics will be]


[scene with honorable characteristics]


[scene with indifferent characteristics]


On which part is that error on?

I don’t, but all you need to do is just use spot direction to place your characters in the scene: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

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is chinese for me lol

You don’t need to do anything. Once the readers choose/change into the hairstyle or outfit, they will stay in that hairstyle and outfit.

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Because there are thousands of other backgrounds submitted by other users every day and the team needs to go through every single one of those backgrounds to approve/deny them.

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It’s really not that hard. Just read through that thread carefully. It’s very easy to understand and it’s a step by step guide with pictures.

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Thanks for the help!

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Oh! This makes way more sense! Thank you very much for the help! Sorry to bug you with a question you probably get often. This cleared it up. Thank you for that! :slight_smile:

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How do you make a reflection in the mirror


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Hi again, I’m having trouble with using the overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3
This is my script:
@CHRISTINA is listen_phone_eyeroll
CHRISTINA (talk_phone_sad_loop)
Alright, Cya
@CHRISTINA is idle_phone_hold
@pause for a beat
@transition fade out black

@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 create
@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 shifts to -11 -18 in zone 1
@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 scales to 0.693 0.693
@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 opacity 1 in 0

But the problem is, that this is what I get:

And I also placed the “Pause.” at the end since I wanted to see how it looks like.
But, Instead of the girl, I wanted either a white or a black background, But I tried doing this:

@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 create
@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 shifts to -11 -18 in zone 1
@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 scales to 0.693 0.693
@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 3 opacity 1 in 0

But it didn’t seem to work as well, Is it possible to have this overlay. while the background is at least white?

Thank you so much

The middle part of that overlay shows the background behind it, so yes you need to use a plain background if you want nothing to be on the phone screen, but INT. BLACK - NIGHT and INT. WHITE - DAY are not really good to use with overlays. The overlay is always extremely extremely huge on those backgrounds. You’d have to zoom all the way to see the overlay, then you’d have to shrink it all the way down. The best option is to upload your own white or black background and use that for the overlay.


Oh okay, but is the script I used for the
Correct if I used it using another background?