Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

The characters aren’t placed in the car for their starting positions. (before you shift the overlay and move the characters)

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Hit there I need help figuring out how to make my two characters that are close to each other start to slow dance in a smooth transition. Please and thank you! Oh and the story is in limelight.

OMG… thank you . it would have taken me long time to notice that misspell:kissing_heart:

Oh whatever I just made it correct, but thank you :smiley:

Hey Dara.

I need a bit help with something.

I’m having trouble getting to the new scenes after the multiple choice. Every time I’ve tried I always end up at the beginning of the label even when I’ve tried all the options.

I just can’t seem to figure out how to code it so the reader won’t return to the beginning of the choice after reading all the choices. Please help

The smoothest way it to get one of them to walk slightly closer to the other character and then just have them both do the slow dance animation.

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Add a “Done reading all options” choice at the end.

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I’m trying to add an overlay to the same scene but it won’t show the overlay.
Here’s the script:

@zoom reset
@EVELYN exits right
@cut to zone 1


sound door_slam


Hey, I was wondering if you had a ballroom template?

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I’ve tried that before but it just keeps returning to the multiple choice

Are you putting a label inside of that choice? Because you’re not suppose to; it’s just suppose to be blank.

“Option 1” {
goto label
} “Option 2” {
goto label
} “Option 3” {
goto label
} “Done”{


I’m gonna try it

Sorry I don’t

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Try adding the zone number, or zooming out to see if the overlay is in the scene somewhere else.

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No problem, thanks anyway.

It worked :smile: Thx Dara, u r a lifesaver

Okay, thanks. Also, how do I get a character to move to a spot while running?

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in [time] and CHARACTER does it while [animation]

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Hi! For some the Ink lipstick template isn’t working on either the Portal or Mobile. Even if I press “Preview” on my script, it completely skips over the entire part, and I don’t know why! Please help me, and thanks!

Just simply use choices


@CHARACTER changes lip color to color
& CHARACTER is animation

And so on.

Make sure that you get the lip color directly from the customization, so you have colors like crimson, instead of purple.

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