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For weather effects, you need to add the words “with effect”


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Thanks at least someone in this conversation understands what they’re doing

How are you ?
I’m new here and wondered if you can help me ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Pls help in dialogue how can I put the reader’s chosen name for the mc

That label is the very very first thing of the template. You either accidentally deleted it or you didn’t copy the whole code.

Are you asking how to get the chosen name on top of the speechbubble or just how to refer to that name when someone is talking

Not on top of speech bubbles… In the middle of the text.

So if you used NAME inside of the parentheses, you would do this: [NAME]

Like if the MC’s BESTIE wants to call the reader’s name

My answer above tells you how to do that.

Thanks a bunch

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Please ,can you make a bad girl entrance for a first day at school for me please with motorbikes sounds for when arriving. It will be deeply appreciated. But if it is too much to do just text.

I’m sorry but I don’t do personalized scene templates like that.

Ok thanks anyone :pray:t2:

Ok thanks! I managed to figure it out but I’m having issues with them not dancing at the same beat. At first they start out dancing in rhythm but then each one kinda falls behind. Is there a way to fix this?

Using &

@REYSME is dance_slow_neutral_loop AND REYSME faces right AND CASPIAN is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear AND CASPIAN faces right

This is what I have on my script is this what you meant by using &

If they aren’t in sync when you have them dance at the same, then it’s an animation problem and I don’t think there’s a way to fix it unless you submit a ticket and let support know about the issue.

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My computer was being laggy so that’s probably why they were dancing out of tune. But, now it works great. Thanks Dara!

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Hi everyone!

I’m just wondering if anybody knows how to make a character naked?

I have a scene where my MC is ordered to strip but for some reason she keeps changing to default instead of the naked version?