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You can’t make a character completely naked due to guidelines, but you can use censor bars to show that she is naked.

Hope that helped :two_hearts:

Thank you, I’ve tried that but it won’t work :confused:


Are you using LL , classic, or ink?

Ink x

The censor bars in part of the outfit category. So you would need to create an outfit with just the censor bars and have your character change into that outfit.

Okay thank you! X

Really wish I could sticky this.


Hi guys!

I could really use some help with my choices!

It keeps saying that a bracket is missing but from what I can see, everything is fine!

Could anyone please advise? xx

Can you post your script?

I’ve done it now thanks hun x

How can I make a character do an animation and make the screen shake at the same time?

the zoom is

zoom on 882 456 to 197%

Use the & sign for the animation command

&CHARACTER is animation
@zoom ----

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I’ve tried, how can I make the zoom look aggressive?

To make a “shake” effect, you have to zoom in at random spots in a span of 0.1 seconds each

@zoom on ------ in 0.1
@zoom on ------ in 0.1
@zoom on ------ in 0.1
@zoom on ------ in 0.1


Would that be possible to do with an animation?

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Shake while a character is doing an animation? Yes, just use the & sign for the character.

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Hi everyone! I’m working on my first story, I have an outline and everything, I’m just very new to coding/ directing. I don’t understand it very well yet. Do you have any helpful tips or youtube videos on where to start? What helped you understand it and improve? thank you :slight_smile:

The Guides are very helpful for beginners. That’s where I learned from when I first started. A lot of people say that Joseph Evan’s tutorials on YouTube are also very helpful.

Also, you can find a lot of guides and how-to’s here on the Forums, created by me and other very helpful users. If you have any specific questions, you can either create your own topic or ask here on my Help Thread.


Thank you! One thing I haven’t been able to find is how to put up the episode warning screen and then switch to another background. It says there needs to be something in between

You just need to put a pause after the background name.

@pause for [number of seconds]

So an example would be:

@pause for 3

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