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Hey quick question when I give the option to change hairstyles just for one scene are they supposed to reset to the original hairstyle in the next scene or do I have to code something to reset it?

You have to change it back to the original hairstyle: @CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name

But if you have a character that you let readers customize, you’d have to create a duplicate character and change the duplicate’s hair (instead of changing the main character’s hair). So when you want to go back to the original hairstyle, just switch back to the main character.
To create a duplicate, use this code: @DUPLICATE becomes CHARACTER


So the scene is in the middle of the 2nd episode and I did what you told me to do at the beginning of the next scene. On the web previewer it’s correct but on my phone when I reset my story progress the hair won’t change back. Even in the previous chapter it shows whatever they chose in chapter 2. Does that make sense?

The app has been glitchy and weird lately when it comes to resetting story progress to reset a character’s appearance. You should submit a ticket about the issue. You’ll just have to manually change the appearance back to what you originally had it using the “@CHARACTER changes” commands.


is there a way to put blood on clothes (any clothing not just the ones that already have blood on them like the victorian ones) without getting the blood overlay? i can do that, i’m just wondering if there’s another way to do it

No there isn’t, the only way is to use overlays.

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For a flashback I fade out of a scene and use a black and white filter but it fades out then shows the original screen before moving on to the next one. This is what I have down:

music off

@transition fade out black in 3
@remove Coffee Cup from KYLA

FILTER: Black and White

@set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

Your filter will be enabled for every scene after this line

To turn off the filter, use “@reset hsl” or “@reset hsl in [# of seconds]”

music music_daytimejazz

what can I do to make sure it fades out and goes straight into the next scene?

sorry about the gigantic letters it didn’t look like that when I typed it out

May I have some help with something on my episode story

Add “in 0” when you reset the filter.
@reset hsl in 0


What do you need help with?

Split Screen

I need a split screen thats already made.

You should ask someone in the Art Resources section. That’s where people go to request backgrounds, cover, splashes, etc.

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I added the 0 and the reset is working it’s the beginning thats all messed up. It fades out then flashes the previous screen in black and white THEN moves on to the scene I actually want in black and white.

So you want the black and white filter in the Archive background?

how do I fix invalid directing commands?

It depends on what command you didn’t write correctly.

I almost never have problems with my script that I can’t figure out on my own or by looking at other people’s replies but sadly the time has come. :frowning:

I have a bar scene set up with a bar overlay and have added the necessary layers and everything but when the bartender returns with the customer’s drink he’s no longer behind the bar overlay?? I feel like I’ve tried everything. Here’s the code and any help would be appreciated. Thanks
P.S. Everything but the portion in bold already works with no problems

INT. BAR - DAY with BAR to 2.989 -66 -5
@overlay BAR to layer 1
&GUY stands screen center and GUY faces left and GUY does it while rear and GUY moves to layer 2
&BARTENDER stands screen right and BARTENDER faces left and BARTENDER moves to layer 0
GUY (talk_neutral_loop_rear)
One dry martini please.
@BARTENDER is listen_nod_happy_loop
@BARTENDER exits right THEN pause for a beat
@GUY faces right and GUY does it while idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
@pause for 3
@BARTENDER moves to layer 0
@BARTENDER enters from right to screen right and GUY faces left and GUY does it while rear
@add Cup Plastic Blue to BARTENDER
BARTENDER (talk_cup_neutral_loop)
Here you go, sir.