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Using the “enters” command puts the character at a default layer. Instead of having the bartender exit, just have him walk offscreen.


Ah okay. I’ll try that right now. Thank you so much.

im new to episode I wrote the command like this


If you’re trying get your character to do an animation without dialogue, the command looks like this: @CHARACTER is animation

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thank you for your help

how do you move your background

Ugh super sorry considering I just posted on here not too long ago, but I’ve created a plastic cup overlay for the same scene and have no idea how on earth where to position it just for it to show up. I’ve tried messing around with the scale and coordinates and even deleted the overlay and reuploaded it using a different size but it won’t even show up on my screen. :frowning:

Using a background as a overlay

There is manually a red cup in the props, because it would be hard to make the cup positioned perfectly, but if it is not showing up , then it may be the coordinates or what zone you put it in if I am correct.

Are you adding the zone number when you add the overlay to the scene?

If you’re asking how to go to a different zone, use @pan to zone #
If you’re asking how to get a moving background, you have to use a looping background.

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No, I didn’t add the zone but only because the background I’m using only has one zone and the other overlay I have on the same background didn’t require me to mention it.

How are you adding the overlay?

How do I get an overlay top appear in the place I want it and not have it shift to places. I have a red car that I need to have just about peering into the shot. Can any body tell me a way to make that happen instead of the car being in mid air then it going to the place I want it!

You have to add “in 0” at the end of the shifts code, or just add the overlay to the background name:

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Does anyone know how to fix where it has the warnings?

It’s eyesColor with an “s”

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Thank you!

Ok i have a problem and can’t seem to solve it.
In my first chapter, there is customatization of character at the start. when you choose a skin color or eye color or lipstick for your character, character of you mom also changes into it (so that family look alike).
Now the problem is, as soon as i preview second chapter i notice that all those changes and customizations are canceled…is this because i preview on the comeputer or do i have to actually do something to make those changes permanent?

please i need help ASAP

It’s because you’re using the web previewer. The web previewer doesn’t remember things from previous episodes. If you test your story in the app, your characters’ appearances will change and stay that way.