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Thank you so much @Dara.Amarie !

I’m not sure what you mean?

Like, when people make covers, they cut out their character & place it in their own background. But, my question is, if a character is laying down, how can cut that character out?

They screenshot it on their phone then use a photo editing app/website to cut out the character.

I’m trying to have one character punch another, and have the other character react to it. For some reason, that character isn’t doing their action. Here’s what I’ve tried:

&ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab
@ANNA is punch_receive

@ANNA is punch_receive and ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab

@ANNA is faint and ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab

&ANNA is punch_receive
@ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab

The character ANNA doesn’t do her action while ERICA is doing her’s. I’ve switched it up and changed the action, previewed it in the app, even refreshed the page. Why isn’t it working and what can I do to fix it?

Hi, I’m not an expert or anything but if you use the starts command then both character do it at the same time.
@ERICA starts punch_jab
@ANNA starts punch_receive
If you use that start command both characters do this at the same time
(btw you used the is command which makes them do it at a different time)
I hope this helped :grinning:

She is using & and AND which makes them also do it at the same time.

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Which action is the one ANNA isn’t doing?

I’m trying to get her to do punch_receive while ERICA is punching her, but all she does it just stand there.

Which one? There’s 3 different parts with ANNA doing the punch_receive? Can you bold the part?

That doesn’t work either :sob:

Is the one I did first and the way I usually have people do actions at the same time. The other commands were things I did to try and fix the problem, but they didn’t work either.

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

Sure! Give me a moment…

Here is the script:

Remove the @pause for 2 on line 18, and change the & sign to an @ sign on line 17

Thank you! That worked.

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Hi, I’ve been wanting to make a Gym scene, but I also wanted to use an overlay that I uploaded, which is a punching bag. To be honest, I have no idea how to script this. I’m using the background
INT. GYM - DAY and I’m using an Overlay I uploaded and called INT. PUNCHING - DAY
Also the Gym has only 2 zones, and I wanted to place the overlay in zone two. Do you know how I can script his?


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Thank you so much!