Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

1- Yes it takes me to the 1st dressing game


You know the cashier desk? Yes I want her to sit behind it

Does anyone know how to get characters to stand at windows from an outside background?

The goto at the end of the 2nd dressing game leads back to the 1st dressing game’s label. So you have to change it to the 2nd dressing game’s label instead.

That background doesn’t have the overlay attached to it. You will need to use the one with OL in the name: INT. SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT LINE OL - DAY

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You’d have to use a window overlay.

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1- How do I do that? What do I write?

2- Oh ok, thank you

Just check the goto for the choice that let’s you redo the dressing game, and make sure it matches the label that’s at the top of the 2nd dressing game

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I’m so sorry, I’m just really confused.

May you repeat in detail?

Look at the choice that takes you back to redo the dressing game. It’s the “No” option for the “Is this what you want?” choice. Make sure that the goto inside that choice matches the label that starts the whole dressing game.

label dressing_game_2

What do you want to wear blah blah

“Option” {
} “Option” {
} “Option” {

Is this what you want to wear?

“Yes” {

}“No let me go back” {
goto dressing_game_2

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Ooohhh thank you so much

The app, and I made the changes you said and it worked. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello. I need help doing this dance scene.

@COREY walks to spot 1.280 136 0 AND JEN walks to spot 1.280 196 -18

@COREY spot 1.280 136 0 in zone 1 at layer 0

@JEN spot 1.280 196 -18 in zone 1 at layer 1

@JEN faces left AND JEN is dance_slow_neutral_loop AND COREY is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear

What did you need help with? What’s not working for you?

Hi, how do you remove the overlay. I tried @overlay CUPCAKES clear and it didn’t work. The overlay has already been approved by Episode.

Hmm… I don’t know why that’s not working. For now just use @overlay CUPCAKES opacity 0 in 0 I guess?

What does your script look like?

Dara, now I’ve got a question for you!
Is there any chance to incorporate points and gains together as a result (if/else)?

if ( TEST > 100 and gain ) {

} else {



if ( TEST > 100 and gain ) {

} elif (TEST < 100 and gain2) {


or that would not work?

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They are facing each other but it doesn’t look right. I don’t know how to get them to dance properly if that makes sense.

What about it doesn’t look right? Can you post a screenshot of it?


this is what it looks like

It won’t work unfortunately, the system will only recognize the points part and ignore the gain part. You’d have to use an if/elif/else inside of an if/elif/else