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So the characters are still placed in the other zone.

After the pan/cut, just place them left or right so they show up in the new zone


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Ok! thanks i will try that!

So, i have this problem where the character does’nt appear in the spot direct in the bed i don’t now what im doing wrong.
@cut to zone 3
@zoom reset
music music_melancholy
volume music 100 6000
&BROOKE spot 1.388 -324 268
@speechbubble is 212 151 to 100% with tail_top_left
BROOKE (sleep_uncomfortable_awake)
(W-who just entered the front door?)
BROOKE (sleep_uncomfortable_awake)
BROOKE (stand_up)
Oh my god, someone is in the house.

It’s probably because you didn’t specify which direction she’s facing. So add CHARACTER faces left/right next to the spot code

&BROOKE spot 1.388 -324 268 and BROOKE faces left/right


Okay, thanks so much!

I have questions about texting messages with phone and receiving and talking by phone.
I don’t know ho to do it.

i Hope you know what a i mean sometimes they wake up and the see a message off someone sometimes even multiple people, ho can you do that and ho do you respond on them.

You would use the INT. CELLPHONE - DAY background. You can use the narrator box for text messages:

Text message goes here.

If you want a “Read text” or “Send text” button, use a simple choice:

New message!

"Read the message" {

Message here.

does that stand in the script? And the template INT. CELLPHONE - DAY i dont have it.

INT. CELLPHONE - DAY is an Episode background in the art catalog. You can use it.

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Oh yes i have it, why do i have to start now.

Hiii, so I wanted to make three characters stand next to each other but, they’re too close to each other I want some space between them😊

Hi I was using readerMeassage and this happened!

I copied and pasted for each choice and only one works…what did i do wrong?
The right one with no error is highlighted the one with x is wrong of course.

You spelled readerMessage wrong



Oh I’m extremely sorry I did not see that. I feel really bad, sorry again!

OMG I am so stupid!

Thanks so much!

pls how can I add tattoos to characters in limelight

The only way to make it appear as though characters have tattoos is to use a tattoo overlay.

You should suppot this thread: CLOTHING : Tattoos (limelight)

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