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@transition fade out black 2
&zoom reset
@transition fade in black 3
@NOAH spot 0.813 84 214 AND MROLIVAREZ spot 0.840 251 207 AND ALEX spot 0.831 147 214

When it fades in, the characters only show up after the background pauses for a second. Help, please!

You need to place the character before the transtion, and use & instead of @

@transition fade out black 2
&zoom reset
&NOAH spot 0.813 -----
@transition fade in black 3

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Hi, what are branches and how do you use them?

Yeah,; that worked thank you so much!


Does anybody know how to make characters lie down but vertically instead of horizontally?

Thanks xx

New writer here
So I got the characters in the scene but whenever I tried to make the characters walk in the it always comes up with this warning and its says
Use @CHARACTER from X to screen Y
But I don’t get it
I put @Alice enters from left to screen left
This is the correct way, right?
I’m so confused

Branches are choices and what happens if that choice is chosen

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The only way to do that is to have a birds eye view of a bed or floor or wherever it is you want your character to “lay” as a background and just have your character “stand” in the scene


Can you post a screenshot of your script?

Thanks! xx

Could anyone help with this?

You forgot to add a parenthese after “Call Jamie.”

if (CALLFORINFO is “Call Jamie.”) {

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Ahhhh yes! Thank you x

Sorry, me again! The coding is draining me now lol!

Hi Dara! I’m trying to direct a scene where lights flash and the background changes. How do I code flashing transitions while lots of people are fainting?

I want to show a football being kicked through goals. Can this be done?

You’d have to use overlays.

Use the & sign for the character animations and just keep using @transition fade in [color] in [# of seconds]


You have too many brackets that shouldn’t be there. You only need these brackets for an if/elif/else

if (blah) {

} elif (blah) {

} else {



Okay, thank you!