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One of them needs to do the rear dancing animation.

that doesn’t work either

A character needs to face the opposite direction when you have them do a rear animation. So if you want a character to face left while being rear, you need to make them face right

You should have the guy do the rear animation instead.

Okay I got it to work. Thank you so much!

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Hey Dara! I’ve received this error in a nested choice, is there any way to fix this?


Should I send the script?

Yes please show your script

label act_like_you_love_amy
&zoom on 372 0 to 116% in 0
@cut to zone 2
&JACE is talk_awkward
AMY (talk_flirt)
Any last words?
&zoom on 202 138 to 394% in 0
@cut to zone 1
@pause for a beat
@JACE is deepbreath
&AMY moves to layer 5
&AMY spot 0.533 261 238
@AMY walks to spot 0.533 220 232 in 1 THEN AMY walks to spot 0.533 220 172 in 1 AND AMY does it while dustoff_loop AND AMY faces left
AMY (talk_flirt)
Yes babe?
JACE (talk_flirt)
Screw that bitch, let’s have some fun.
@AMY is dustoff_loop
@remove Metal Baseball Bat from AMY
AMY (talk_exclaim_yes)
You really think so?
JACE (talk_flirt)
Yes babe.
AMY (talk_think)
What changed your mind?
“Say that you love her.”{
JACE (talk_shrug)
Just realized she’s useless.
JACE (talk_flirt)
You’re the love of my life.
@AMY is blush
@pause for a beat
@AMY is rear AND AMY faces right
AMY (talk_rear)
You really think so?
@JACE is idle_awkward
JACE (talk_reassure)
Of course.
@JACE is idle_awkward
AMY (kiss_playful_rear)
Kiss me.
JACE (talk_awkward)
AMY (talk_gesture_rear)
We never kissed before, but you two did.
AMY (kiss_passionate_loop_rear)
I need to cleanse your soul from her bullshit.
@JACE is deepbreath THEN JACE is kiss_passionate_loop
@pause for 3
Wait a second.
&overlay CAGE2 shifts to -153 3 in 3
@AMY is tinker_loop_rear AND JACE is idle_awkward
@pause for a beat
&zoom on 164 10 to 158% in 0
&JACE spot 0.569 176 218 AND JACE faces right AND JACE is stand_up
@AMY spot 0.542 215 219 AND AMY faces left AND AMY is stand_up
@pause for a beat
(What now?)
“Try punching her.”{
@JACE is deepbreath AND AMY is dance_groove_loop
@pause for a beat
@JACE is punch_jab AND AMY is punch_receive
@pause for a beat
@AMY is idle_wounded
@AMY is reach_kneel_rear AND AMY faces left
@pause for a beat
&AMY faces left AND AMY is idle_hold_baseballbat
@add Metal Baseball Bat to AMY
@transition fade out black in 0.3
gain punched_amy
sound thud
Bad choice Jace, bad choice.
goto part2
“Sleep with her.”{
@JACE is kiss_passionate_loop AND AMY is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND AMY faces right
@pause for 3
@AMY is tinker_loop_rear
@JACE is idle_awkward
@JACE changes into JACE_hostage
@AMY is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND JACE is kiss_passionate_loop
@pause for a beat
gain slept_with_amy
@transition fade out black in 2
goto part2

“Make up an excuse!”{

label part2

Excuse my language and messy coding :sweat_smile:

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You can’t skip a whole line between an ending bracket and the next choice option. The next option needs to be on the same line as the end bracket or on the very next line:

} "Make up an excuse!" {


"Make up an excuse!" {

I can’t believe that was it :open_mouth: Thank you Dara! :blush:


Hello, Can you explain me how does the locked options work with the point system? Thanks a lot <3

@Dara.Amarie are you good with coming up with story titles?

@Dara.Amarie Are you good with coming up with story titles?

Sorry I’m not :pensive:

You’d have to use if/elif/else. If the reader doesn’t have enough points, you’d put the “locked” choice in the if/elif for less points. If they have enough points, you’d put the “unlocked” choice in the if/elif for more points.

if (CHAR > #) {

[unlocked choice here]

} elif (CHAR < #) {

[LOCKED choice here]

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Thank you!!

by any chance can you help me
when I go to scene to scene I want one of thoses black spin things to change on it
hopefully someone will know what I mean lol
I don’t know what to call it

@transition iris in/out?

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I don’t know lol
one of thoses black spin things when I change a scene

Try it in your script
@transition iris in
@transition iris out

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whats the difference between in/out?