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You need to add a period or ending punctuation when you have dialogue that’s in all capitals


Then those are eye overlays the author animated. A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS


How do you know all of this stuff? It’s seriously amazing, thanks!


Hey Dara! For some reason, the music I’ve coded into my story isn’t playing, and this error is showing up above the web preview:
Here is the code:


Hey how do you add a customized name in the script?
For example if a person made a customized character and has the ability to type their name in the story, how would you add their name into the script?


Have you tried refreshing the page?



Yes :slightly_frowning_face:


Hey I’m trying to zoom in on a character and have the camera follow her, still zoomed in, as she walks to a new zone. Is that possible? Thank you for your time!


Hey, I need help, I’m using an overlay and it won’t show up on the previewer!
Here’s my script:

&cut to zone 1
&zoom on 98 92 to 139% in 0
&overlay NEWLABS12 create
&overlay NEWLABS12 shifts to -79 21 in zone 1
&overlay NEWLABS12 scales to 0.838 0.838
&overlay NEWLABS12 opacity 1
&overlay NEWLAS12 to layer 1
&overlay LABBARS create
&overlay LABBARS shifts to -79 21 in zone 1
&overlay LABBARS scales to 0.838 0.838
&overlay LABBARS opacity 1
&overlay LABBARS to layer 2

The overlay LABBARS is the one that doesn’t show up.


Pan and zoom at the same time.

&pan to zone # in [time] and zoom on _____ in [time]
@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time]


Since you want the overlays to already be in the scene from the beginning, just add the overlays next to the background name.

INT. GRAY with NEWLABS12 to 0.838 -79 21 in zone 1 at layer 1 with LABBARS to 0.838 -79 21 in zone 1 at layer 2


thanks I’ll try.


How would you make the screen shake?


Hi, Dara
I was wondering if it is possible to pan in between zones.
For example, if you have zone 1 and zone 2, how to zoom on something that’s right in between the zones?
I hope you understand what I mean :joy: oh well…


Ok @Dara.Amarie , hey i need help… Ok When you are changing the backround you can do this @transition fade out black 2 and then change the backround… do you know how to change the backround in a more cool way?




You’d have to play around with zooms. The x coordinate for zone 1 is between 0 and 320, so zoom into a spot thats way over 320. So an example would be: @zoom on 1000 0 to 110% in 0. Save and preview. If it’s still not quite in between the zones, keep changing the number to something even higher.