DARA’S GUIDE: Creating Text from Overlays


This is incredible. Thank you so much!

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does this work for writing readers put in? like [NAME] for MC? In featured stories I’ve been able to choose usernames and such that were later displayed in the story, was it a different method?

&overlay NAMEOVERLAY create text [NAME]

NAMEOVERLAY can be anything you want so you can animate it like a normal overlay


I dont understand any of this, can someone please help a beginner here :sob:

I read that and I still don’t understand :confused:

What don’t you understand? Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

yes! which is why I’m not giving up till i learn :blush: I’d like to create overlays into text and animate them so in my story, when I’m introducing the characters the text can come sliding in next to the character, introducing their name and some adjectives. but I’m just a beginner and I don’t know how to play around with the opacity and stuff on episode

Can you possibly get different fonts other than the normal one?

What programs or websites can I go to make my own word overlays using different fonts?


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I don’t know how to use that. Can you tell me how?

This is really cool and all, but can someone please help me with this because it doesn’t show on the web previewer my phone :confused:

WHAT!!! This is so AWESOME!!!

Same for me!

hiii! I’m currently having problems with doing mine when l preview it on the app it comes up with a text error and l did everything that was on the post but idk what else to do… thank you! :heartbeat:

can you post your script?

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ofc! hang on

Here it is