DARA’S GUIDE: How to "FADE" Characters

OMG! You are amazing, you literally explained it so well and I really needed it for my story xxx

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This is really helpful thank you for posting this! :innocent:

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This is amazing Dara, well explained! Definitely gonna be using this for my story :sparkling_heart:

Hi, I can’t seem to figure out where and how I need to put the image as an overlay. I am completely clueless please help me because this looks so good I really want to try it

I have a question, how to you make a character fade into the scene and keep them transparent?

I’m confused. Can you fix this
@transition fade out 0.1
@LINA stands screen left AND LINA faces right
@remove LINA
@transition fade out 0.1
@LINA stands screen left AND LINA faces right
@transition fade out 0.1
@remove LINA
&LINA moves to layer 1 and LINA moves to layer 3
@LINA opacity 0.5 in 0
@LINA opacity 0.5 in 0
@FIRSTNAME spot 0.800 347 390
@FIRSTNAME is lay_asleep_loop AND FIRSTNAME faces right

    FIRSTNAME (lay_awake_loop)

i dont understand :sob: im confused

how did you do it? im so confused :persevere:

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER moves to layer -2 (the character is behind the overlay so it’s not visible)

AND when you’re ready to show character just change the opacity:

@overlay BG_OVERLAY opacity 0.5 in 0

thank you so much! so do i have to make a replica of the background, but as an overlay?

Yes :slight_smile:

how do i do it :tired_face:

You need to save the picture as a PNG file and the size of it must be below 1 MB : )

According to the overlays section in the art catalog, “Your image must be PNG and below 1MB”

Also, can check out this awesome, helpful thread on uploading your overlay(s):

Good luck :smile_cat:

thank you both so much, you’re life savers!

How do you fade characters into the screen, I tried doing what you said; to just do the opposite of fading a character out but it doesn’t work. My character just pops up. Here is my script.

Hey, I want to fade my overlay and did the smame thing as in the example, but it says it needs to be put in stage view first. Can somebody help me with this problem?

can you post your script?