DARA’S GUIDE: How to "FADE" Characters

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER moves to layer -2 (the character is behind the overlay so it’s not visible)

AND when you’re ready to show character just change the opacity:

@overlay BG_OVERLAY opacity 0.5 in 0

thank you so much! so do i have to make a replica of the background, but as an overlay?

Yes :slight_smile:

how do i do it :tired_face:

You need to save the picture as a PNG file and the size of it must be below 1 MB : )

According to the overlays section in the art catalog, “Your image must be PNG and below 1MB”

Also, can check out this awesome, helpful thread on uploading your overlay(s):

Good luck :smile_cat:

thank you both so much, you’re life savers!

How do you fade characters into the screen, I tried doing what you said; to just do the opposite of fading a character out but it doesn’t work. My character just pops up. Here is my script.

Hey, I want to fade my overlay and did the smame thing as in the example, but it says it needs to be put in stage view first. Can somebody help me with this problem?

can you post your script?

This is what I got:

INT. SERVANT BEDROOM - DAY with DROP2 to 0.103 660 148 at layer 3
&zoom on 640 179 to 212%
@overlay DROP2 shifts to 542 160 in 0.0001
@NATHANIEL starts react_lay_shocked
@overlay DROPS2 opacity 1 in 1
&zoom on 347 0 to 102% in 3

it shouldn’t be DROP2?

OMG, I feel so stupid right now I spend an hour trying to figure it out and gave up. Thank you!

Hmm strange it still doesn’t fade.

you want to fade out or in?


maybe it needs to be zero?

yes it needs to be on 0 first, the when you’re ready change opacity on 1

But if I want to fade out do I need to put it in 1 and then zero or only zero?

I already tested it and it worked thank you so much