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I’m probably just making a stupid mistake that’s an easy fix, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
I’m trying to change the opacity of an overlay but I keep getting an error.

Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 2.27.51 PM Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 2.27.46 PM

Hi there, the script doesn’t like overlay names with “AND” or “THEN” in them because it thinks your trying to use the “and/then” commands, so you will need to reupload that overlay with a different name without using AND

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Okay, thank you! :slight_smile:

What is and and then for?? I only know what is is for. I dont even know the difference between is and start. But I onlyy know how to use is. I’m writing my story its mainly dialogue its exactly like a book. Thats the way I want it to be. And what word would u use with the overlay then I am confused to what u mean and what any of it means pleaz help. And i posted a question with a picture with directing help if u can please go give it a look and please answer my question and tell me exactly what to do with everything in the right order and everything in the right way. I have no family that wants to help me or friends no one knows or understands how important this is to me. Oh my story is in ink by the way. Its my favorite style. Pleaz HELP !!

Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For

You can find more guides here on my website.

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Thanx. But would I have to oay money cuz I cant pay anything

It’s just a regular website.

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Thank you Dara. You’re a great person! :slight_smile:

Oh just one quick thing. In the beginning of my story how do I put the warning this will have strong language and mature scenes in it just incase. And I’ll need to tell everyone its about depression and mental health so if that triggers them then they shouldn’t read. But I hope u can help me so I can put that in the beginning and how to make my own story cover and etc. And how to be amazing like you are!! You are my best friend omg haha!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: plz help Oh I totally really hope you will read it when I publish it. Don’t give up on me :slight_smile: I am holding on and I want this really bad and I will never give up!!


this helped a lot! is there a way you can add sounds into the loop? xx

i don’t understand how do you do a duplication overlay i read the post but it doesn’t make sense do you add a same overlay just a different name?

@Faith.episode.cats :black_heart:


@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER_2 create from CAR ANGLE SILVER
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER_2 scales to 1.5 1.5 in zone 3
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER_2 shifts to 220 85 in zone 3
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER_2 to layer 4
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER_2 opacity 1 in 0

You can name the duplicated overlay anything you want and I highly recommend to test this command out, it’s extremely cool! Remember that practice makes perfect! :blob_hearts:

Here’s another example:

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Thanks. I’ll try that

bump :wink:

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Can anyone make the TV Screen on this scene an overlay/transparent


I want to be able to show a clip on the screen behind the chair

I’ve watched videos on overlays. There used to be a ‘Directing Helper’ button, but I can’t find it anymore. Does anyone know how move overlays manually? :thinking:

“Show Helpers” >> “Spot Directing” >> “Change Overlay”

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Hey Dara I wanted my overlay to rotate a 0.5 0.5 and do infinite times at the same time but it won’t rotate from the center but I read it needs to be in the center of the PNG image (which I don’t understand) :joy: and it will only rotate one time when I put infinite. Here’s my script:

@overlay REDFLARE create
@overlay REDFLARE opacity 1 in 0
@overlay REDFLARE shifts to 113 316 in zone 2
@overlay REDFLARE scales to -0.907 -0.907
&overlay REDFLARE rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1 loop INFINITE times

The last line I tried @ and &