DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays


&overlay BLUSH create
&overlay BLUSH shifts to x y in 0 in zone #
&overlay BLUSH scales to # # in 0
&overlay BLUSH opacity 1 in 0
@overlay BLUSH to layer 4


thx :heart_eyes:

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&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to [a spot to the left] in 1 in zone 2 THEN overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to [a spot to the right] in 1 in zone 2 loop 5 times

so for this part, would a spot to the right be like screen right or is it like the number spots?

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They’re number coordinates


I’m using a car overlay, and I’m confused on how to place the character in the right position in that overlay. I want my character to be placed behind the wheel of the car, yet I’m unsure how to do that.


My overlay doesn’t want to show up also I can’t even save it to see because it says parse something and to back up my code.

You already added the overlay to the background name so you don’t need to use the create command.

Thank you! I reread your guide, and with a lot of work I got it just right. You’re amazing! :grin:

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How do you stop weather effects? :thinking:

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You have to switch the background.


Ok. thanks

Hey I was making a story on limelight and I was wondering how do you add the baby swaddle to the character. Is it a thing that is not ready yet for limelight? Or if there is how can i do it?

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It’s a prop that you have to add to your character. There’s a list of props underneath the list of behaviors in your script.

To add a prop:
@add Prop Name to CHARACTER

To remove the prop:
@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER


I’ve tried that many time but when ever I add the prop is says that its an error and that the prop does not exists.

The first letter of each word needs to be capitalized.

This is what I put and it still says that there is an error.

@add Black Baby Swaddle to YOU

I really don’t know if its just something wrong with my writers portal, but i’ve legit tried everything. I really want to thank you for your help, but I think that ill just go around that part until the error message gets removed.

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You’re using the overlay name instead of the prop name. The prop name for the black swaddle is Baby Swaddle Black Blanket