DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

Oh… thanks

Can you remember how to flip overlay vertical?

Try rotating :slight_smile:



Hi, do you possibly know how to the tear drop effect. Making it run down the face and then fading away, i have no idea how to do it could you please help me?!?!?

Place the teardrop near the eye of the character.


Then use

Use it one line or with & so fading happens when it dropping down.


ok thank you so much

How do I get an overlay to fit perfectly over my background (what size?)

I am trying to make a character fade in the background but the overlay is very hard to get the size right for what I need. Has anyone got any tips for getting the overlay to fit perfectly over my background?

This is my attempt and the buildings look alined but the trees look blurry.

Hello. i know it’s been asked before, but how do you animate a classroom?

EXT. CAMPUS - NIGHT with OVERLAY at layer 2
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 0.5 in 0

@CHARACTER is animation

&overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in 2

Hope that helped :two_hearts:

Thanks so much for taking the time to help people. Much appreciated x
You’ve helped save mine and probably many others sanity.

Hi, I’m trying to add my ringbox overlay in the middle of a scene, and I’ve tried suing the information you provided above, but it just won’t appear and I’ve finding it really frustrating, can you help please?

Did you add zone number and opacity ?

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I have now, and its appeared, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, me again (sorry). The ringbox has appeared, but it doesn’t appear where I want it to. This is what I have:

@overlay RINGBOX 1 create
@overlay RINGBOX 1 shifts to 0.089 161 103 in zone 2 in 2
@overlay RINGBOX 1 scales to 135% 135% in 2
@overlay RINGBOX 1 opacity 1 in 0

however, when I preview it, I find that the ringbox is actually in zone 1 and its huge, what do I do?

you did it wrong

@overlay RINGBOX 1 create
@overlay RINGBOX 1 shifts to 161 103 in zone 2 in 2
@overlay RINGBOX 1 scales to 0.089 0.089 in 2
@overlay RINGBOX 1 opacity 1 in 0

Just a size in scale command and coordinates in shift command

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That worked, thank you so much :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you very much!!! :blush: You’re a lifesaver! :grin: :kissing_heart:

What did I do wrong?

Remove the word “SCALE”

with BASEBALL to SCALE 1.000 160 220

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