DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

I would suggest rotating it from the center point (there are 3 points of the overlay that can be used as the rotation point)

Thanks I’ve tried this but it still seems to move to a different position :thinking:

just make the same overlay just facing the different way

(I can do this for you if you need it)

I’m having trouble with this one overlay. It’s supposed to be a photo and I want it to act like it tilts, it rotates the right amount, but to get to the place its all wonky. People tried helping me with anchor points but it still isnt working

Hey, is there any possible way of making a car move to one zone to another to make it look like the car is driving? I need it to look like the car is pulling up to the house

The background i’m using is EXT. DUTCH COLONIAL HOME WINTER - DAY
and the overlay i’m using is CAR ANGLE SILVER

If I want an overlay to move really fast what speed would you recommend me to use?

The time should be less than 1 second, like 0.5 or 0.8 or whatever speed you want.


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My overlays aren’t showing up!!! :disappointed_relieved:

You need to add the opacity command. Also, the layer command should be placed after the create command.

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Thank uuuu, u goddess!

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So, this may just be a glitch in the app/web previewer, but I’m having a problem viewing one of my overlays. I’ve made a couple for this story and others, never had issues, but this one is just totally invisible for some reason? I can view it in my list of overlays just fine, and I can put it in the story, I even have a box to move it around with. But it’s not visible in the web previewer or in the app, and I have no idea why. At first I thought maybe it’s just come out really tiny, but making it bigger changed nothing, so I decided that that probably wasn’t the case. Have you ever heard of something like this? Or should I just go to support and hope they’ve got an idea? Thanks in advance for your time, and for everything you do on the forums, your threads have pretty much become my lifeline.

What does your script look like for that overlay?

@overlay SWAN MASK create
@overlay SWAN MASK shifts to 18 236 in zone 1 in 0

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Ohhh okay, thank you so much. I’m usually better about reading things, my bad.

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Hi, sorry to bother you, how do I find out the X and Y? Am I doing something wrong here?

EXT. THE HAMILL PALACE - DAY with CAR SIDE LIMO to %1.400 1.400 -606 24