DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

do you know how to fade in an overlay? :upside_down_face:

Use zooms to hide other parts of the body or make an overlay of the character

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&overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in S

S being the amount of seconds

thank you!

So I was wondering where am I suppose to put the overlay so that the character would appear with the baby in it’s hands?

Hi! I believe you are talking adding a baby prop to a character, not an overlay. This thread helps with adding baby bundles to characters along with other props!
Hope that helps :blush:

Thank you so so much. I finally did it. That helped me a lot. :tada::tada::tada:

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No problem :laughing:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to [a spot to the left] in zone 2 in 1 THEN overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to [a spot to the right] in zone 2 in 1 loop 5 times

With the above example, the overlay will move to the left, then to the right, and it will continue to do that 5 times.

How can I loop an overlay without going to moving left and then right (or vice versa), or without resetting it to the original spot in 0 between the loop? It looks glitchy, like it jumps for a split second when I try resetting it in 0 before looping :flushed:

Okay but when you use a body overlay for example you use a guy holding a gun up overlay how do u hide the original body

@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY create
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY scales to 0.730 0.730
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY shifts to 75 142
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY shifts to 74 129
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY shifts to 74 88
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY shifts to 76 58
@overlay BLOOD OVERLAY shifts to 73 35

Can I have help with this anytime I am previewing this i the overlay stays at the same place

What if you want something to glow repeatedly, like change the opacity to 1 and to 0 in __ Can I loop that?

yes, you can, just use THEN command :slight_smile:

@overlay OVERLAY opacity 0 in S THEN overlay OVERLAY opacity 1 in S loop X times

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you need an overlay with the background and this body so it’s like covers the original one

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if you want to move it to a different place slowly use the time for shifts to commands, maybe this will work for you

Thank you! :blush:

Oh okay thank you!

Thank You I will try

What does S stand for