DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

here is the hour hand

Your hand overlays weren’t in the center of the entire PNG image, there was more transparent space. Here I cropped them for you so that they’re now in the middle

overlays here

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Thanks Dara!!

So you are saying that 1.0 goes faster than 8.0
Or is it even seconds

Hey @Dara.Amarie think you can help me?

Never mind, I got it!

can u plz do a video

maybe watch this?

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I think it’s amazing that you’ve posted this template. However, I’m still confused as to how to add my five overlays to my blank canvas (background). I’d like to add animations such as opacity but whenever I use the template it doesn’t work. Please help if you can!

Hi :wave:t2: and welcome to the community :smiley:
Can you post your script?

I know how to but I don’t know how to use them like how to do the script please if you could help me I would be really grateful

Yes I know how todo create them but I dunno how todo use them

@overlay INT. BLACKSILHOUETTE - DAY opacity 1 in 0

So, I’ve seen plenty of stories where overlays just appear and I’d like to do the same for my story, how?

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You need to use command create as well or add it to a background




@overlay INT. BLACKSILHOUETTE - DAY create
@overlay INT. BLACKSILHOUETTE - DAY opacity 1 in 0

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Sorry, to keep bothering you. But how do I make the animation bounce?

You will need to use an easing function :blush::point_down:

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Hey Dara, how do i do if I want to use the same text overlay in a same chapter? I’ve already read what you’ve write here for duplicate an overlay, but i ask because I tried to do it more than once in a chapter and, it works only the first time but nothing happen for the others. Can you help me please? @Dara.Amarie

Hi, I saw the part about rotating overlays, but for my story I need to flip/mirror an overlay. If I rotate it 180 degrees, it would n’t be mirrored, not sure if this makes sense, but is there anyway to do this in episode?
If not I could get it in a photo editor, but that would be tricky,

thanks a lot, your guides always help so much!

I have some overlays I want invisible at the beginning of the scene and I don’t know how to do it.