DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

How would I fade an overlay out? i.e. You can fade characters out of the frame, but can you do the same for overlays?

You can fade overlays by changing the opacity in time.
@overlay NAME opacity 0 in 5
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 5

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so im having trouble with an overlay it wont stay in the location i placed it at and instead it moves to somwhere diffrent and here is a picture of what i mean
(the hand is in the bottom of the screen and i didn not want it to be their i want it to be attached to the mc overlay not be in the bottom of the screen

the hand is soppose to be here but it moves to the bottom of the screen
also the hand is going to rotate so it touches the face of the other mc but as soon as i wrote the coding the hand moves to the bottom of the scrreen and it moves

How can i add the baseball bat prob to my character ive tried everything but the bat doesnt show up

PROPS: how to use them

yeah ive tried that, it doesnt seem to work…

@add Baseball Bat to KAYLEE
@KAYLEE enters from right to screen right AND KAYLEE is run_jog
@KAYLEE spot 1.001 284 119
KAYLEE (idle_hold_baseballbat)

thats my script

This is the wrong thread to be posting about props. This thread’s topic is about overlays.

The INK baseball bat prop has always been glitchy. The best thing you can do is to submit a ticket about it.

okay, sorry! thank u

Hi! I’m trying make make an intro and the create command method isn’t working for me… The overlay isn’t showing up.

Code Snippet

@transition iris out white 2.0
music music_mellowfunk
@overlay WELCOME TO TEXT - LIFE SUCKS create
@overlay WELCOME TO TEXT - LIFE SUCKS shifts to 500 500
@overlay WELCOME TO TEXT - LIFE SUCKS opacity 1 in 0

Did I do something wrong? (Also my story’s called Life Sucks if you’re confused about that.)
Nevermind, I figured it out!

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I need some examples on this one. Im still getting there with opacity, but a little confuse with the numbers.

So I have a weird problem. I’m trying to make a pool of blood appear and spread. I can get it to the starting spot when no one can see it. But then I want it to spread under the body and I do the shift and scale command and the number of seconds, but I can see it move to zone 1 and I think it spreads in that zone too. It won’t stay in zone 2… How do I fix this?

What is wrong with this code
&overlay FISHRIGHT shifts to 169 215 in zone 2 in 1 THEN overlay FISHRIGHT shifts to 196 215 in zone 2 in 1 THEN overlay FISHRIGHT opacity 0 and overlay FISH shifts to 196 215 in zone 2 and overlay FISH opacity 1 then overlay FISH shifts to 169 215 in zone 2 in 1 loop infinite times

You can’t use “and” for a looping command. You can only use “then”

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Hey, when I do it only the first bit loops and not the second


Question, I named an overlay the same thing as a character will it still work? I’m not getting errors but it’s not showing the overlay either…

Bump! :ghost:

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I want my image to appear small in the upper right corner and to come out in the lower left corner but I have not succeeded. Can anyone help please?