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Hi! @Dara.Amarie i need help with an overlay and the overlay is a staff

I want to have a reflection on this staff and i want my character to look at it, terrified
This is my character

It’s a grim reaper story

The overlay that I used in this scene, the EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT overlay, doesn’t show up when I add the command

 @overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT opacity 1 in 1

It shows no errors however, but I want the overlay to change opacity.

Here’s my script:

 @cut to zone 3
 &INKFEMALEAVATAR spot 1.280 368 9 in zone 3 AND INKFEMALEAVATAR faces left AND INKFEMALEAVATAR is idle_hold_drink
 &zoom on 960 226 to 145% in 0
 &overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT create AND overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT shifts to -618 273 in 0 AND overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT scales to 1.000 1.000
 &overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT opacity 0 in 0
 @transition fade in black 1
 @pause for a beat
 sound thunderclap
 @overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT opacity 1 in 1
 @overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT opacity 0.3 in 0.3 THEN overlay EXT. FIREFLIES - NIGHT opacity 1 in 1
 @pause for 3

I’ve tried using both the @ and & commands but nothing happens. I tested this scene on both the previewer and the app. I originally wanted a loop action but I guess that doesn’t work? (For me at least --> I tried adding an infinite loop command for the opacity with THEN and &)

Could you show me where I did wrong? Thank you.

You need to add the zone number to the shifts command

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Oh wow. Me and my stupid head. Thank you for helping me out! :grin:

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I really need help on my script it keeps saying this:

I don’t know what’s wrong I did the commands
@overlay WORD OL 1 opacity 0 to 1
It still gives an error…Please help!!

@overlay WORLD OL 1 opacity 0 in 1

I’ve tried this many times and nothing is working.
overlay ORB2 rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 3 and loop 5 times
overlay ORB2 rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 3 loop 5 times
Neither of them work, it just says Unexpected Garbage. I’m trying to make it spin around 5 times.
Please help.

You forgot to add in the @ symbole!

@overlay ORB2 rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 3 loop 5 times

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Plus in case it wont work, technically the loop won’t work for rotating overlays.


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Man, am I ever dumb. Thank you very much for pointing out my stupidity (don’t mean that in a nasty way, thank you).

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Omgg thank you it worked!!

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you might want to create custom overlay of the staff using paint.net software edit it like that. you can get it at getpaint.net

I’m having problems rotating an overlay. It’s the ambulance in the overlay catalog. I will show you an image tomorrow. I need it to face backwards on a road. I can show you an image tomorrow when I get back on, if you need one.

Hey Dara, I’m trying to have my main character Briar stand behind the counter (COUNTER BAKERY) in the background INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY, while two other characters stand in front on the counter. I have no idea how layers work or how to manipulate overlays. Please help :tired_face:

A character/overlay at a lower layer number will be behind, and a higher layer number will put them in front.

So the person behind the overlay needs to be at a lower layer than the overlay and the people in front of the overlay needs to be at a higher layer than the overlay

More about layers here: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

So what exactly are you trying to do with the overlay?

Thank you so much!

But i already have a staff overlay

Then you have to go to an editing program and use a paint or photo editing software to edit the character into thw picture.

Sorry for the late reply. I need the ambulance to sit in the circle facing the waterfront in the background.

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