DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change the way the overlay is facing. The AMBULANCE overlay was created and drawn to face forward towards the screen. You will have to find a different ambulance overlay where it faces the other direction, or ask someone to make one for you.

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I know a way.

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&overlay AMBULANCE scales to -1.000 1.000

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That just mirrors the overlay but doesn’t actually make it face towards the back.

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Welp, needs to make another overlay!!!

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I’m trying…to help

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@Trying_To_Help and @Dara.Amarie Thank you for your help. I will ask for an overlay to be made then. I appreciate the responses. Sorry I didn’t respond back I had to run to the store for snacks.

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This was in the tutorial.

Sorry thought it was just for of you added your own overlays

This guide is for all overlays.

Hi! I’m having trouble with rotating overlays.

In the scene I’m writing the soccer ball is supposed to be spinning as it moves around the screen but it does not rotate whenever I try it.

&CAM is run_athletic THEN CAM is arms_crossed_angry
&overlay SOCCER_BALL shifts to 129 306 in zone 1 in 0.5 THEN overlay SOCCER_BALL shifts to 128 205 in zone 1 in .3
&overlay SOCCER_BALL rotates 360 anchor point 0 0 in 0.5
&MATT is slap_face_receive
@MATT is faint
&overlay SOCCER_BALL shifts to 101 205 in zone 1 in 3
&overlay SOCCER_BALL rotates 360 anchor point 0 0 in 3
@REFEREE spot 0.254 100 0 in zone 1 at layer 13 AND REFEREE faces left
@REFEREE walks to spot 0.254 140 440 in 3 AND REFEREE faces right AND REFEREE is run_athletic

try changing the anchor point to 0.5 0.5 (so it’s in the middle) and maybe rotate to 180 instead of 360?

I just tried that and now the first time I rotated the soccer ball works, but the second time still doesn’t.

did you change it to another one? maybe it’s because of &, try put pause for a beat

is this guide the same for limelight?

It’s the same with every style.

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Hi, this is the script for a scene I’m writing, I want the waitress to be behind the counter, but when she walks in she always appears in front and I don’t know what to do? :slight_smile:

INT. BAKERY - DAY with COUNTER BAKERY to 1.000 0 0
@overlay COUNTER BAKERY moves to layer 2
@WAITRESS stands screen center in zone 2 AND WAITRESS moves to layer -1
@BETH changes into Comfortable Military Jacket
@BETH enters from left to screen center AND DAISY REYNOLDS enters from left to screen left AND BETH moves to layer 4 AND DAISY REYNOLDS moves to layer 4
@BETH faces left

    BETH (talk_smile_happy_loop)
Thanks for this Daisy, you've been a great help.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_agree_happy)
Oh its not problem, especially because you've been such a great help with our girls.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
You know, I got a text this morning from Bernadette Davies' mom and she said that you've certainly helped to increase Bernadette's confidence.

    BETH (talk_neutral)
Well she's a good kid, she just needs to believe in herself a bit more.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Well its thanks to you that she's come this far already.

    BETH (talk_awkward_loop)
I haven't done much

    BETH (talk_shrug_neutral)
I just taught her to dance

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_reassure_neutral)
Hey, don't downplay your part

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_neutral)
You're a great dancer and the funds you've helped to raise in memory of your brother are astonishing, what are you up to now?

@BETH is think_rubchin
@pause for a beat

    BETH (talk_smile_happy_loop)
We're almost at 1 million.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_excited_happy)
See, that's great, you should be proud of that.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_shrug_neutral)
How are the preparations for the show coming on?

    BETH (talk_gossip)
Great, the girls are doing so well

    BETH (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
It's in August and we're doing a couple of little performances here and there to help us pay for venue and costumes and stuff.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_agree_happy)
Well I hope it goes well

@WAITRESS walks to screen right in zone 1 in 3 AND WAITRESS moves to layer 0

    WAITRESS (talk_smile_happy_loop)
Good morning, what can I get you today?

@BETH faces right

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_neutral)
I'll have a Skinny Latte and a Blueberry Muffin please.

    DAISY REYNOLDS (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
What do you want Beth?

label coffee_choice

    BETH (think_rubchin)
(Hmm .........)

“Flat White and a Croissant” {

    BETH (talk_neutral)
I'll have a Flat White and a Croissant please.


} “Cappuccino and a Cinnamon Swirl” {

    BETH (talk_smile_happy_loop)
I'll have a Cappuccino and a Cinnamon Swirl please.


} “English Breakfast Tea and a Chocolate Muffin” {

    BETH (talk_neutral)
I'll have an English Breakfast Tea and a Chocolate Muffin please.


    WAITRESS (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
Are you sure miss?

“Yes” {

    BETH (talk_agree_happy)
Yes, I am thank you.

goto finished

} “No” {

    BETH (talk_neutral_unsure)
No, let me have another think.

goto coffee_choice

label finished


    WAITRESS (talk_smile_happy_loop)
So that's 1 Skinny Latte, 1 Blueberry Muffin, 1 Flat White and 1 Croissant.


    WAITRESS (talk_smile_happy_loop)
So that's 1 Skinny Latte, 1 Blueberry Muffin, 1 Cappuccino and 1 Cinnamon Swirl

}else {

    WAITRESS (talk_smile_happy_loop)
So that's 1 Skinny Latte, 1 Blueberry Muffin, 1 English Breakfast Tea and 1 Chocolate Muffin


    WAITRESS (talk_agree_happy)
Great, please go take a seat and I'll bring those right over.

@WAITRESS exits right
@BETH exits right AND DAISY REYNOLDS exits right

use spot directing for waitress, for some reason characters don’t want to stay behind the overlays when you using default positions

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Oh ok, thanks :blush: xx


@cut to zone 2

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER create

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 55 155

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 0.155 0.155

It’s way too big. HELP!!!