DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

Thank you this is super helpful! I also used your changing hair and lipstick template for INK on my new story, I credited you of course… You are a life saver haha thank you !:grin: @Dara.Amarie

Thanks, this helps so much!:heart:

How do i rotate and make an overlay get bigger at the same time?

I have a problem with the looping, I wanna play around with the opacity of the overlay(s), but there’s always an error coming up saying that it’s not a valid directing command.Can anyone please help?

I know another way of doing that without using the ambersand and the panning.It goes like this:
@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 2

And it works with spot directing too.It’s not that necessary because you can also use the panning and the ambersand, just wanted to share :grin:

hey would you be able to help me make a sky overlay i have loop like the characters are parachuting?

Hey there :slight_smile:

First of all: thank you for this awesome thread!

I really tried to think of all details but it seems I still made a mistake. I’d like to create a scene with TWO ambulances. But it doesn’t seem to work. I even uploaded the ambulance again as “AMBULANCE1”, but the error still comes. :frowning:

Can anybody help? (If this is the wrong thread, then I’m really really sorry! :frowning: ).

You don’t need to scale and shift the ambulance in the background name and then the coding

Your shifts and scales commands on lines 113 and 114 are incorrect. You mixed the two commands up. But you do not need to use the create command and all the others if you already added the overlay to the background name.

Furthermore, you need to remove the % symbol. The % symbol is meant to be replaced by the scale number. You don’t include it in the actual code. “to” should only be used once

Also, your scale size doesn’t seem like it’s correct. A scale size of “569” is extremely large. Double check to see where where the decimal should go. Did you mean to put 5.69?

Okay, so I corrected my script. Now I can see one ambulance in the preview. The ambulance1 which I added from the beginning.

But the second one doesn’t appear at all. I zoomed out and found the overlay. But there was no chance to move and scale it at all - neither mobile nor in the web preview. What’s wrong now? :frowning:

Line 114 is still incorrect. You’re using shift coordinates for that scales command which is not right. You need the scale size for a scales command

I need help with looping my overlay (that is a background I uploaded as an overlay).

So basically I want the background to loop so it looks like a the car overlay is driving really fast.

However I am completely clueless, it is not working out with the code I have right now… :sweat_smile:

infinite is supposed to be all caps and use a number lower than 1

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What number do you mean? :slight_smile:

" in _"

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What are layers?

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I’m trying to make my character go behind the car so it will look like they’re driving but when I move them to layer 0 and move the overlay to layer 2 and make the character do the animation it moves them to stand in front of the car

because you’re saying to move. it in front

I solved the problem but thanks