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So I want to have a car drive into a scene and have the window sorta roll down like seen in the story Framed. Can anyone please help me with this??? I have no clue how to do this. And if you can do it I’ll message you what I want the scene to look like.

Thank you!

Sooo it still doesn’t loop, just moves from the right side to left…

@transition fade in
@zoom on 60 24 to 137% in 1
&overlay NIGHT CITY CAR shifts to -466 -150 in zone 2 in 1 THEN overlay NIGHT CITY CAR shifts to 126 -182 in zone 2 in 0 loop INFINITE times
&overlay 6463081093660672_BLACK SIDE CAR shifts to -247 -190
&overlay 6463081093660672_BLACK SIDE CAR scales to 0.763 0.763
&overlay BLACK SIDE CAR to layer 2
&overlay NIGHT CITY CAR to layer 1

ah im not sure then

Anyone else can help me with this issue thoo? :worried:

Solved – I had a typo! :sweat:

Thank you so much, insightful :slight_smile:

What code do I use to hide to hide a overlay, the make it appear, the make disappear again?


So its like this?:


a few lines

@OVERLAYNAME (spot here) opacity 1


@OVERLAYNAME opacity o

&overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 0 in 0

a few lines

@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in [time]

a few lines

@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 0 in [time]

so I basically just have to time it for how long it appears for, or as long as the scene goes on?

Do you want it to fade in/out through out the entire scene? If so, then you need to loop it:

Which would look like this:

&overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in [time] THEN overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 0 in [time] loop INFINITE times

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Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to get my overlay to work for the past hour but I realised it was because I didn’t specify the zone :woman_facepalming:

Hi Dara! I hope you can help with this. I’m stumped, as the coding I’m using for this specific overlay is written exactly how I used it for another overlay, and there’s not script error for that one.

As always, I have the overlay create, then shifts, then scales, then opacity. As I said, for one overlay it’s totally fine. For this one, I have:

@overlay FABIEN ARRIVE create
@overlay 6110614527148032_FABIEN ARRIVE shifts to 19 266
@overlay 6110614527148032_FABIEN ARRIVE scales to 1.180 1.180
@overlay FABIEN ARRIVE opacity 1 in 0

I tried this with also specifying “in zone 1”, at the shifts to line, even though the BG is already in zone one, and I’m still getting the same error. The error message reads: “specify one of ‘shifts to’, ‘rotates to’, ‘scales to’, ‘opacity’, ‘layer to’, for your overlay animation”. I’m at a total loss, because I have an overlay of text to pop up to let readers know they’ve gained points, and I’ve used the exact same formatting, with the only differences of course being the name of the overlay and all the numbers. I was trying to just use to text format on Episode, but the text bubbles didn’t fit on the phone background, and any overlay/BG I uploaded myself to use instead also wasn’t the right size, and therefore I had to scale and it would be off screen. So I created my own text bubble overlays, but can’t figure out this error.

@Dara.Amarie for some reason my overlay is not showing up

Question is: if I do looping for example 5 times in a tappable overlay which has an else option does it automatically choose the else option if the reader runs out of the 5 loops or what happens? Thanks

Hi, I have a problem with rotating and overlay. So i:

  • created the overlay (I put the codes of shift/scale/zone)
  • I rotate the overlay. And when we rotated the number is shift will change so I copy the new code and I wrote again @overlay (name) shifts to # # in zone 2 but I have to write that before the rotate code. I couldn’t put that where I created first because I tried and the overlay disappear so I wrote before the rotate code.
    In the end the overlay rotates yes but before it moves from left to the place I shifted. I never experienced this so anyone knows what’s happening??

Does anybody know how to make an overlay fade in?

Sorry to bother you, but I really need help with my overlays, I tried following different advice on how to make it work but my overlay won’t show and its always at a different spot but on the script, the spots don’t match

EXT. TROPICAL BEACH - DAY with BEACHBALL to 0.027 204 365 in zone 1 at layer 2
@MC changes into MC_Beach
&MC spot 0.401 159 398 in zone 2 AND MC faces left AND MC is rear
@cut to zone 2
&zoom on 475 325 to 329% in 0
volume music 100 2000
music ext_beach_quiet

Hey you watch out!

@overlay BEACHBALL shifts to 156 337 in zone 1 in 2
&MC faces right AND MC is react_startled_surprised
sound thud
&overlay BEACHBALL shifts to 156 206 in 4

How do you make overlays appear or drop down like the intro in Runaway Princess?By BTW I love IT!!!I’ve been waiting for a story by you for so long!!