DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays


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I fixed it, I put a full stop at the end :roll_eyes: lol


I’m having trouble with my overlay, it won’t show up, and I’ve tried everything

What do you have in your script?


@TOM changes into TOM_default
@cut to zone 2
&overlay INT. CAFE CASUAL WINDOW TABLE opacity 1 in 1
&overlay INT. CAFE CASUAL WINDOW TABLE shifts to -165 163 in zone 1
&overlay INT. CAFE CASUAL WINDOW TABLE scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay INT. CAFE CASUAL WINDOW TABLE moves to layer 3
&zoom on 320 174 to 214% in 0
@TOM spot 0.713 68 231 in zone 2 AND TOM is idle_sit_serious_loop AND TOM moves to layer 2 AND TOM faces right
That so far

You cut to zone 2, but you shifted your overlay to zone 1

Ooh okay, I see it now, thank you

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Hey dara everytime i use the create command it looks smooth on my laptop but when i test it on my phone/ipad it starts of big and then becomes the size it want it to be, this is rlly frustrating! What can i do to fix this?

Hey :slight_smile: I know I’m not Dara, but if you want to send me your script I can try to help you out best I can <3

Make sure you’re using the & sign for all the commands and add “in 0” at the ends of the scales, shifts, and opacity commands.

I’ll send u it when i get on my laptop and i rlly appreciate u!

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But when i put & it says create should be put seperately?
Like this for example
&create OVERLAYNAME overlay overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to xxx xxx etc-
It just says that create should be seperate but im not rlly sure!

Is that your actual script?

No its not its just an example of what i write when i get the error saying that create has to be put separately

Can you show a screenshot of your script?

This is ss of it

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Can you show me this part of your script where you said you’re getting this error message. The script you posted above doesn’t show any errors.

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yes I know the script I showed you was wrong on my iPad though :confused: because when I try it on my iPad the blanket is small and then becomes the size I want and I don’t understand why that’s happening because. on my laptop it happens smoothly and fine