DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

Here’s a guide: HOW TO: Zoom from the Feet to the Head (Full Body)

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Tysm - I am so grateful for all of this!

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Hey, I was coding a scene with 2 overlays in a custom background (all images approved already) and when I preview it from the app it gives me this message: “Writer Error when using DANDELION_BLOWN for overlay animation. Please create overlay in stage view first” but in the portal there’s no errors… does anyone know how to fix this?

Did you add the overlay to the scene using either the create command or add it to the background name?

Yes, I think it just means the overlays isn’t in stage view of the that zone but that’s ok because I just need it in another zone where it works fine. So it just confused me on why it pops up when it runs smoothly if that makes sense?

Like I added it to the background name with this command:


No being in a different zone doesn’t matter. That message popping up means the overlay hasn’t been added to the scene. Check the spelling of the overlay. Most people misspell the overlay name and that’s why that message pops up


DANDELION-BLOWN is the name of the overlay

So make sure all of your overlay names have the - and not the _

Ok thank you, I see now I misspelled it hahah :joy:

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