DARA’S GUIDE: The Points System

No, points accumulate throughout your whole story.

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That’s awesome! Thanks! I had no clue

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Should you start each new chapter with points reset?
And what is a better way for everything to come together for your story?

@Dara.Amarie Please help … Why won’t my code work

if (FAIL=0){
You were quick to react!
readerMessage ALERT +1

FAIL is the name of the character I made to give a +1 whenever my character fails so I can award him points if he doesn’t fail. Is there maybe a better way to do this considering this didn’t work?

OK, so if the reader gains 0 fail points, that option will show up for them, where their character was quick to react, correct?

There’s actually a weird glitch that occurs and even though character points are all set to 0 for every character in the beginning when you start, the script appears to ignore this so you’d have to manually write in your script:

@FAIL =0

Other people have this issue as well:

Also if you have gains, etc. and you want to re-play your story/episode, you should reset story progress when doing another play through.


It really depends on what you’re having be calculated for the reader. For example, if you include a language option for every chapter, if the reader is choosing another option like French instead of English, you can reset character points for this. If you’re choosing a love interest or playing as a girl or boy (you can also use gains for this) then can keep the point the same. If you have other options, like personality points, I recommend not to reset them. Points are a good way to show bonuses as well.

It’s really all up to you. To plan out when the points should be given and when you should show the reader they have those points or unlock bonus scenes for them, you can use a journal and keep a rough script of everything.

I have a question. What if the reader earns no points and then they pick a choice that subtracts a point from them when they have none, if I wanted to allow them to check the amount of points they have, would it just show up as 0 points or will it be the a negative number

So I have a question…When doing the category like RESPECT or ROMANCE how can I make the points get added or subtracted for that one category?

It’ll be a negative number.
In my opinion the point system can be tricky when using subtraction, if you’re not tracking the multiple ways they can gain and lose points and therefore the multiple outcome of points they can end up with. So in that case if they have 0 and they clicked on something that subtracted 2 points they would have -2 points. And say the next choice they make subtracts another 2 points then they’ll have -4 points. And they’ll have to make better choices to make up for those and to get into the positive numbers otherwise they’ll continue further in the negative points and it’ll be harder to make up for that especially if you’re not keeping track of it and/or adding in ways for them to redeem themselves.

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If I’m understanding your question correctly, it’s as she shows, you just use the @ command with the name of the point system and whether they add or subtract a point. Example:
If you have points called Respect and another called Romance then:



You can use as many at a time too so:

Ohhh now that makes more sense, tysm! :slight_smile:

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Oh okay thank you so much for explaining that to me!

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How about a code for multiple LIs?
Like maybe 5 LIs for the ending?

So if I have two outfits in one episode I want to remember, how do I go about that? @Dara.Amarie

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If I am writing a story and I am using a timed choice with 2 options how would I use the point system? Say the first option is good and second is bad. :confused:

i’m trying to do a choice scene where the reader can choose where they go on a date with their LI but i cant seem to find a template for it

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I still don’t get it

could someone help me with this