DARA’S GUIDE: The Points System

i’m sorry but i don’t understand

am i supposed to put readermessage? where? im sorry if i sound annoying im new to this

Can someone help me please because I got choices with points but it has an error can someone tell me what I did wrong

Well I will send a image anyone that knows what I did wrong can you tell me please

delete lines 320-322 instead of choice you have put showing points but it cant be in this place

Put the showing points under the whole choice on line 343 instead

Thanks I followed but their is still a mistake

Wait it’s okay I found out how thank you for your help oh also do you know how to create covers

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Hey can you please tell me how to do the confidence and shyness points system

You just have to create characters named “Confidence” and “Shyness”

Oh ok thank you very much :blush:

Can I just one “bigger than” and a else command?

so example;

if (EVIL>GOOD) {

scene if they have most evil points

} else {

scene if they had most good points



Can you add points together?
Like say I had PERSON A
can I add both together? PERSON A+PERSON B


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So, I’m wondering if I can do something like this, or if it will mess it up since readers with more than 8 points would apply in both > 5 & > 8

if (CHARACTER = 12){

}elif (CHARACTER > 8){

}elif (CHARACTER > 5){

}elif (CHARACTER < 4){


Can I only do more than 3 if I set it to = 12, =11, =10 etc.?

Well, if donacode works like any other programing language, it will action the first true statement and ignore the rest.

Thank you! That’s what I found too, when testing :blush: