DARA’S GUIDE: Typed-in Choices

:blush: np! and hope you can find someone to help!

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I figured it out! It was the silly end label ugh! Thanks again!!


np! glad it worked again!

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hello @Dara.Amarie ! I’m just wondering if it’s possible to put up choices for names, where there will be a few names and the readers could choose the one that they like most as the name of their character in the story , if I said it right. for example, the reader has to pick between Lucy, Emma and Lola so he/she chooses the name ‘Lucy’ , therefore his/her character will be named as Lucy. anyway, this was just a random thought that I was thinking on adding to my story.

This may answer your question:

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Here’s an answer I posted on this thread: Choose a name based on given options?

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Thank you both @JemU776 and @Dara.Amarie ! I’m gonna try it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Whenever I do a choice, it always says “Error: Unexpected Dialog.” :confused:

Can you post your script where the error is :slight_smile:

Oh, so should i get a screenshot?

Yes or copy and paste the part of the script that is wrong

That’s it, sorry I took a long time, my laptop died :confused:

Have you written the word choice before it? Example-
CHAR (think)
(What should I do?)
scene here
scene here

A choice must always have dialog before it. Ie a character speaking/thinking or narrator :slight_smile:

Yeah, I do.

Oh, I fixed the mistake, I left a line after choice, thanks so much xx

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label text

input Say something threating to Alite…|Say something threating to Alite…|Done (THREATING)

if (TEXT is “”) {

    STARR (talk_argue_angry)

goto text
} else {

help meh
i think i did the code right but when i preview it it skips right past
the part where i can type in my name

type-in choices don’t work in Web Preview, you need to check it on your app

I let my characters choose their name in episode 1 but some people are complaining that their name is the same as one of the characters in the story. Am I able to let them choose their name again in episode 6?

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Yes. But put an if/else so readers don’t pick the name of one of your MCs. Use the same name input you’ve used before then use this coding -
if(NAME is “Lisa”){
There is already a character called Lisa. Please pick another name.
goto name_input
goto continue story