DARA’S GUIDE: Typed-in Choices

At the beginning of the story I allow the readers to choose their name. I’m having some difficulty adding that name into dialogue though. The character’s display name is ‘NAME’ and in my template is correct as well, but whenever I put [NAME] into dialogue, it will literally put the word NAME in! The tricky part is though, that a few scenes before this I added [NAME] in dialogue, and it said Auto Bot, which I assume means it worked. Please someone let me know what I’m doing wrong!

Auto bot only shows if you’re using the web previewer.

Ohh okay thanks! How do I view my own story on the app even though I haven’t published it yet?

Go to the “Create” tab and your stories should be there

Okay, thank you so much!

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How would we put the story on hold. I’m revamping it and I dont want any one to read it

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Hi, the unlock code is not working for me, the error saying label start_story does not exist

But when I put it there I’m still getting another error saying that it shouldn’t be at the end of a branch

I want to do the reader type in their choice, and then they say the thing they typed in? sorry if it doesnt make sense

Thank you so much! But, in episode 2, I put CONNIE (talk_neutral): [NAME]?!!? and it put it as NAME in the previewer.

On the previewer for the actual portal, you can’t type it in so NAME or AUTOBOT instead.

Oh ok ty!

Heyy! Very useful. So, I was wondering, can I make the custom name become “Jenna” (the name I had chosen) when the reader leaves the answer bracket empty?


So, what’s your name?

imput What’s your name? (The default name is Jenna) | What’s your name? (The default name is Jenna) | Done (NAME)

Is this even possible to make? I tried with stuff like

if (NAME is “”) {

NAME is “Jenna”


But nothing worked, and since I couldn’t find many tutorials that explain how variables work I don’t know what else to try.

I could use a little help (and please tell me if im trying to do an impossible thing because I have no clue).


Readers can’t leave the answer blank. Readers aren’t able to tap on the “done” button without typing something in, so there’s no way for them to leave it blank.

Really? I didn’t know. I’ve actually been using this template that I got from a channel that said

if (NAME is “”) {

You cannot leave the answer bracket empty.


so that must have confused me.

Also I thought I had actually seen someone do it in their story, but I must have missunderstood.

Anyways, tysm and sorry for the troubles! <3

Yea that code is straight from the episode portal but it’s an outdated and older code. Years ago back when Episode first started, you were able to leave the answer blank so that’s why that code was implemented. But the typed in code was updated a few years back so that you can’t continue until you type something in.

Oooh, that makes sense. Thank you for the help! :blush:

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I have a link to code that lets readers choose a default name or type one in.
Choose name or type one in.

It’s half way through the post.

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