DARA’S GUIDE: Typed-in Choices

Use the same code, just change the question and answer parts.

I don’t understand can you give an example?

Take this code and just change the Question? and ANSWER parts whatever you want.

input What's your name? | What's your name? | Done (NAME)

input What's your brother's name? | What's your brother's name? | Done (BROTHER)


when I want someone to say his name it won´t work.

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So if you have BROTHER inside the parentheses, just do [ BROTHER ]

Hey [BROTHER], what’s up?

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I do that but they keep saying (BROTHER) instead of the name I chose. (It work with my character but not with my brother)

What does your script look like and are you using the web previewer or your phone to test it out?

I use my phone to test it out

So what does your script look like

It needs to be straight brackets not parentheses

Also, you should put the name code before the label boy_custom1, otherwise your readers will have to keep repeating that part every time they hit the “done” choices in the customization template.

Thank you so much I feel so stupid right now

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I kind of do not know what is happening, but heres a screenshot

You can delete line 861 and lines 865 through 874. All you need is the code on line 863 and thats it.

I’m testing right now. I’ll ask for more help if i need it.

no like how do you name the boy, for example a boy in a story like they ask what is your boyfriend name called? thats what I’m asking…

I’ve used your suggestion and it works perfectly in the chapter I’m in, but when moving to later chapters it says [nickname] on screen. How do I get the choice to carry over?

The web previewer does not carry over choices, names, outfits, and customization from previous episodes. You will need to test your story in the app

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I put this but

1. the type in your name doesn’t show up.

2. Capture

Instead of putting the name

The web previewer doesn’t show the input code. You will have to test this out in the app.

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